Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year


Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is my honor and pleasure to welcome everyone to the 2017-2018 school year at Etowah High School. I can proudly say that I am excited about joining the Etowah family in my first year as a principal. I am extremely fortunate to become the principal at a school where I have received a tremendous amount of support and kindness from all the stakeholders that I have interacted with thus far. We will continue to work and find innovative methods to engage our students in meaningful and rigorous work inside our classrooms. Our students will continue to be offered a plethora of extracurricular activities such as clubs, performing arts groups and athletic teams to enhance their experience as a student at Etowah. We strongly encourage all students to seize these opportunities throughout this year. Our entire staff will strive for all students to receive the best educational experience possible as we prepare students to be highly successful beyond their years at Etowah High School.

We value and support your involvement in your child’s education. The student support team, comprised of parents, teachers, counselors, administrators and other Etowah staff members, must work together to ensure that students are provided with equitable opportunities for success. Students who learn to self-advocate and assume responsibility roles in their education are more likely to flourish academically at Etowah and beyond. Parental involvement in leading their student(s) in this direction is essential and appreciated. As always, we encourage parents to communicate and interact with the staff at Etowah as the year progresses so their student(s) may achieve optimum success this school year. Please take opportunities to volunteer at school functions, come to extracurricular activities and assist in any activities that take place at Etowah High School.

As we transition into the upcoming school year, make sure that you and your student(s) know where to locate and become familiar with the Cherokee County Parent/Student Handbook and Student Discipline Code. The updated editions for the 2017-2018 school year are available on the Cherokee County School System web site. These documents will ensure we are all on the same page concerning expectations, resources, support services, and policies for the upcoming school year. Parents and students need to make sure they utilize this information as they prepare for the upcoming school year. Please utilize the tip page following this letter as a guide to getting the school year off to a great start.

The entire Etowah community is responsible for the school’s legacy of success. I am grateful for all the community support that has lifted Etowah to great heights. As we collectively move forward into a bright future, we want to continue to strive for success in every endeavor we embark upon. We want to celebrate all our successes, big and small, as a community. We will identify areas for growth and aggressively attack those as we continue to search for ways to improve our great school each day.

Again, I am honored to become a part of the Etowah family. I hope that we can work together in the upcoming school year to provide all students with the best place to work, learn and grow.

Best Regards,

Robert Horn



Helpful tips for the start of the school year

-At least a week before school begins, begin altering you sleep patterns. Get out of bed at a time that would allow you to get ready and be at school on time. Begin going to bed at earlier times than you may be accustom to during the summer break. This will give students time to transition from a summer sleep pattern to a sleep pattern that will get them to school on time. Beginning a week in advance gives you time to make the change slowly.

-Make sure that you have obtained the supplies you need for the upcoming year. If you are unsure of specific needs, simply make sure you have the basics such as pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, and a bookbag. Especially at Etowah, make sure you have an umbrella or poncho due to the amount of outdoor walking that is unique to our campus. Specific supply needs can be taken care of after the school year has started.

-Clothing- Check the county code of conduct to make sure the clothing you plan to wear to school is permitted. This can be found on the Cherokee County Schools website, under the “Handbook” tab in the “Parents and Community” section of the website. The county dress code will be followed at Etowah.

-Work on eating three good meals each day. Getting the proper nutrition and the proper amounts of nutrition helps us function at an optimum level.

-We will incorporate a new bell schedule that will help students who are traveling from main campus to east or east to main campus a better opportunity to arrive to their next class on time. So, be ready to adjust to a different bell schedule.

-Schedule Changes- Check the Cherokee County website for schedule change procedures and rules. This can be found under the “Handbook” tab in the “Parents and Community” section of the website. The 10 day schedule change county policy will be followed.

-Write down goals and/or aspirations for the upcoming school year. This gives students some focal points to refer to throughout the year that can help them stay on a positive track.

-Plan to try a new activity at the school. Look into joining a new club, a new sport or a fine arts program. This can help students find or explore new areas of interest. Students involved in school activities tend to be more successfully academically. A variety of school activities looks good on college applications as well.

-Planning ahead before the start of school can ease the stress and anxiety that many students feel during this time. So, use this list to help and/or utilize some of your own techniques for getting ready to come back to school.

-We look forward to a successful and productive year on Eagle Mountain. We look forward to seeing you all on August 1st!