Positive Behavior Implementation Program

Positive Behavior Implementation Program

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What is PBIS at WMS?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports.  It is a program that gives Woodstock Middle School students an opportunity to be caught “being good”!  We do this through a variety of ways:

Students have opportunities to receive PBIS tickets for being good and doing the right CooperBrodbeckthing!  Students are able to turn their PBIS tickets into the office and we have a weekly raffle, where students have an opportunity to win prizes and be considered our PBIS “Student of the Week”!  We typically draw @ 15 names per week, so there are lots of opportunities for students to be recognized and win! Students have opportunities to remain at an 87% or above on their behavior report card in the back of their agenda.

This allows them an opportunity to participate in  Lunch on the Lawn where students are allowed to eat their lunch outside with their friends, listen to music, JacobLemal2and purchase Kona Ice!  Students thoroughly enjoy this social time with their friends and this is really something to work toward!!  Lunch on the Lawn is typically held @ every three weeks – check our school calendar to see when our next one is being held, weather permitting!


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  • Students have opportunities to remain at 90% or above on their behavior report card in the back of their agenda.  This allows them an opportunity to participate in an end of the quarter PBIS Dance held during the school day! This is a fun experience where students are given the opportunity to socialize, dance, and have some well deserved fun!!


Success of the Program:

Teachers and students love WMS’s PBIS Program because it gives everyone an opportunity to focus on the many positive behaviors that our students exemplify!

WMS PBIS Matrix:

Here is a matrix that outlines our expectations for behaviors for Woodstock Middle School students.  What’s great about the matrix is that it explains to students what the expectations are in each area of our school.  We have a school-wide focus on these behaviors and our students are taught what our expectations are through a series of PBIS videos, explanations of our matrix, and instruction.

PBIS Matrix