New Kindergarten Registration Procedures

New Kindergarten Registration Procedures

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The Cherokee County School District is launching a new online system for kindergarten registration beginning March 12, 2018!

Instead of handwriting information on a pile of paper forms in a school office, parents can log in from home to the Registration Gateway via CCSD’s website at Through the user-friendly process that takes about 15 to 20 minutes, parents will enter their own identification information, such as emergency contact names and numbers, which will increase accuracy and eliminate redundancy. Required enrollment documents (birth certificate, proof of residency, etc.) also can be scanned and uploaded to the system from home.

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WES Compact & PIP

WES has created a document that will help set our students up for success.

Our Compact is an agreement among teachers, students, and parents that all parties know specifically what is the focus for the upcoming school year, and the steps that all parties will take to help students reach those goals.

The PIP is a guide for parents to give them the tools to help their children. It includes objectives and goals, and it provides resources to ‎guide parents on how to best help their children.






Office 365 Access-Students at Home

Students in grades 3-5 can access Office 365 from home at all times. Students also have access to install the latest version of Office on a personal computer.

Students use their own unique username and password to access (the same username and password they use to log-in to school computers). Access it here:

Want to install office on a personal device? Check this out: