Sequoyah Re-branding Officially Complete

Sequoyah Re-branding Officially Complete

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Hello Sequoyah Supporters.

You may have noticed some of our athletics teams and media releases displaying some new artwork this Spring.  The High School Administration worked in conjunction with Varsity Brands this Fall to complete a “Rebranding” of Sequoyah.  We are proud to release the finished product to our community and would like to assure the Sequoyah Nation that one of our primary concerns when changing our mascot’s image was to maintain the characteristics of “Chief Sequoyah”.

This initiative was not taken lightly, as the proud tradition of Sequoyah High School and the original mascot artwork has been a part of Hickory Flat since 1991.  We hope you enjoy the new artwork, which contains some new items in addition to the mascot.  One of the primary objectives of the “Rebranding” was to gain exclusive artwork reproduction rights for our school and to avoid any trademark infringement by our programs.

On behalf of Sequoyah High School, I would like to let you know that we will open an online store in July that will allow you to design and purchase custom apparel and see how some of our new artwork looks.  Please keep in mind that the new artwork is the exclusive property of Sequoyah High School, and any use or reproduction of the images must have prior approval from School Administration.  You may contact me directly at or at 770-721-3200 with any requests.

Thank you for your continued support of Sequoyah High School and for a being a member of our wonderful Hickory Flat community.