Cherokee County Schools uses the Science Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE to provide foundational knowledge and skills in science through hands-on, student-centered, and inquiry-based instruction. The curriculum supports student safety and the use of technology to develop a scientific way of thinking and investigating, as well developing knowledge about the natural world.



CCSD Elementary Teachers teach science using the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). Content will be taught using the CCSD Science Pacing Guide.

The Science K-5 standards are located at



CCSD GSE Kindergarten Science Pacing Guide


1st Grade

CCSD GSE First Grade Science Pacing Guide


2nd Grade

CCSD GSE Second Grade Science Pacing Guide


3rd Grade

CCSD GSE Third Grade Science Pacing Guides


4th Grade

CCSD GSE Fourth Grade Science Pacing Guide


5th Grade

CCSD GSE Fifth Grade Science Pacing Guide


Middle School

CCSD Middle School Science Teachers use the Georgia Standards of Excellence standards. Content will be taught using the CCSD Science Pacing Guide. The Science standards for grades 6-8 are located at


CCSD GSE Sixth Grade Science Pacing Guide

CCSD GSE Seventh Grade Science Pacing Guied

CCSD GSE Eighth Grade Science Pacing Guide

HS Physical Science Pacing Guide(not yet available)


High School

CCSD High School Science Teachers use the GA DOE course specific standards. Content will be taught using the CCSD Science Pacing Guide for specific courses. The Science 9-12 standards are located at


Course # Course Name   



Credit Required, Core orElective Testing Requirement Prerequisite
26.01200 Biology I 1.0 R GMAT-EOC Science 8
40.01100 Physical Science 1.0 C GMAT-EOC Science 8
26.06110 Environmental Science 1.0 C
40.08100 Physics I 1.0 C
40.05100 Chemistry I 1.0 C
26.06400 Advanced Genetics/DNA Research 1.0 C/E Biology and Chemistry
26.07100 Zoology 1.0 C 4th year option
26.07300 Human Anatomy/Physiology 1.0 C 4th year option
40.09300 Forensic Science 1.0 C 4th year option
40.06400 Earth Systems 1.0 C
40.02100 Astronomy 1.0 C 4th year option
40.09100 Advanced Scientific Internship 1.0 C Instructor Approval
40.09210 Scientific Research I 1.0 E Instructor Approval
40.09220 Scientific Research II 1.0 E Scientific Research I
40.09230 Scientific Research III 1.0 C/E Scientific Research II – 4thyear option
40.09240 Scientific Research IV 1.0 C/E Scientific Research III – 4thyear option
26.01400 AP Biology 1.0 C 4th year option
40.05300 AP Chemistry 1.0 C 4th year option
26.06200 AP Environmental Science 1.0 C 4th year option
40.08310 AP Physics I: Algebra-Based 1.0 C 4th year option
40.08320 AP Physics II: Algebra-Based 1.0 C AP Physics I – 4thYear Option
40.08410 AP Physics C: Mechanics 1.0 C Calculus
40.08420 AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 1.0 C AP Physics C: Mechanics concurrently or AP Physics II
11.01600 AP Principles of Computer Science A 1.0 C/E 4th year option
40.05700 Organic Chemistry Honors 1.0 C/E AP Biology or AP Chemistry