Parent Teacher Visitor Meals

Parent Teacher Visitor Meals

Parents, Teachers and Visitors,

We have been advised that we can longer allow adults to charge meals on student accounts, therefore teachers must have their own lunch account set up and parents/visitors must pay by cash or check when they purchase meals in the cafeteria.

We have been in contact with our software provider because we have had ongoing issues with adult meals showing up incorrectly for state and federal reporting.  We apologize for the inconvenience but this is the only way that we can assure that our reporting is accurate for state and federal guidelines.

Thank you.

Los padres, los maestros y los visitantes,

Se nos ha informado de que ya podemos permitir que los adultos para cargar comidas en cuentas de los estudiantes, por lo tanto, los maestros deben tener su propia cuenta de almuerzo configurado y padres/visitantes deben pagar en efectivo o cheque cuando compran comidas en la cafetería.

Hemos estado en contacto con nuestro proveedor de software, ya que hemos tenido problemas en curso con las comidas para adultos aparecer incorrectamente para la presentación de informes estatales y federales. Nos disculpamos por las molestias, pero esta es la única forma en que podemos asegurar que nuestra información es exacta para las directrices estatales y federales.



Did You Know

Did you know…..

  • We served over 1.1 million school breakfasts and over 4 million school lunches during the 2015-2016 school year.
  • There are 40 food service operations, including Ralph Bunche Center PreK, L. R. Tippens Learning Center and ACE Academy.
    • 23 Elementary Schools
    • 7 Middle Schools
    • 6 High Schools
  • We employ over 300 food service professionals.
  • SNP is self-supporting.  No financial support is currently received from local tax dollars to support our program.  The majority of funds received are from our customers (students and adults) that eat with us and reimbursement from the Federal Government.  The program receives minimal breakfast funding from the state, which is determined on an annual basis.
  • The SNP health inspection scores for food service operations average 98.5 or higher.
  • All of SNP employees take required sanitation training and our Kitchen Managers and Assistant Managers are ServSafe certified.  We are also HACCP and OSHA compliant.