School Council

2016-17 School Council Members:

Jeff Amason        Chair/Parent                                     Darrell Herring   Principal              

Blake Davis         Faculty Member                               Jeff Bennett        Faculty Member

Debbie Rabjohn Parent Member                               Leslie O’Bryant   Parent Member

Meredith McMillan          Parent Member                Marvin Fisher      Business Representative

Dave Weeg         Parent Member                               JoEllen Hancock                Business Member

Bill Van Hout       Parent Member                               Julie Martin         Parent Member

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August 8 Meeting Agenda

September 14 Meeting Agenda

October 12 Meeting

November 9 Meeting




                           School Council Meeting Dates/Times


Date                               Time                           Place

Wednesday              August 10                           9:00am                               A-10 Office Conf Room

Wednesday              September 14                     9:00am                              A-10

Wednesday              October 12                         9:00am                               A-10

Wednesday              November 9                       9:00am                              A-10

Wednesday              January 11                          9:00am                               A-10

Wednesday              March 8                              9:00am                               A-10

Wednesday              April 12                              9:00am                               A-10

Wednesday              May 10                               9:00am                               A-10

Wednesday              June 7                                 9:00am                               A-10