Social Studies

The Cherokee County School District Social Studies curriculum prepares students to become participating citizens of a democratic society in an increasingly interdependent world. Through social studies education students should acquire a continuing interest in their society; develop a respect for the dignity and worth of all persons; and achieve the depth of understanding and loyalty to democratic ideas and the skills necessary to accept responsibilities and rights of citizenships.

Three (3) units of credit are required in social studies: one unit in U.S. history, one unit in world history, one-half unit in government, and one-half unit in economics.

At River Ridge, most core courses are also offered at the honors and/or Advanced Placement levels for students who are willing to pursue the challenge of these rigorous courses. Numerous electives are offered through the department, all of which count as academic electives for the purposes of the HOPE scholarship.


Courses Offered:

World History

United States History


American Government / Civics

World Geography



Social Studies Instructors:

Britt, Eric Teacher Social Studies
Clarkston, Joy Teacher Social Studies
Davis, Blake Teacher Social Studies
Farist, Ben Teacher Social Studies
Fraser, Samantha Teacher Social Studies
Kealhofer, Matthew Teacher Social Studies
Rice, Matthew Teacher Social Studies
Sand, Ansley Teacher Social Studies
Strassner, Terry Teacher Social Studies
Taylor, Jason Teacher Social Studies