The Cherokee County Secondary Mathematics curriculum reflects national mathematics goals, Georgia Department of Education’s Performance Standards and Cherokee County’s Student Performance Standards. The study of mathematics in Cherokee County is approached from the fundamental view that mathematics is a dynamic discipline. The mathematics program consists of problem solving, communication, reasoning and making connections. It includes the study of numbers and operations, algebra, functions, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability, discrete mathematics, analysis and calculus. Technology and graphing calculators are an integral component of the mathematics program. All students are required to take 4 years of high school mathematics courses.


Courses Offered:

GSE Foundations of Algebra

GSE Algebra I

GSE Accelerated Algebra I / Geometry A

GSE Analytic Geometry

GSE Accelerated Analytic Geometry B / Advanced Algebra

GSE Algebra II

GSE Pre-Calculus

GSE Accelerated Pre-Calculus


Math Instructors:

Belli, Casey Teacher Math
Belli, Chelsea Teacher Math
Bradley, Jennifer Teacher Math
Day, Amanda Teacher Math
Foster, Kimberly Teacher Math
Goins, Jamie Teacher Math
Graham, Kelly Teacher Math
Lewis, Mark Teacher Math
Modrzynski, Rita Teacher Math
Norman, Bill Teacher Math
Orletsky, Lyn Teacher Math
Roth, Joel Teacher Math
Sullivan, Jacob Teacher Math
Wilmert, Stefanie Teacher Math