Report Bullying Here

Report Bullying Here

Here at River Ridge, Bullying is not permitted in any form, or any way.  However, teachers are not always aware of the incident unless they are told by students themselves.

Please click this link to report Bullying — help us stop it!

Attendance FAQ’s


What are the start and end time of the school day? Instruction time starts at 8:15 am and ends at 3:15pm.

What is considered an excused absence? Parent notes stating the student was sick, there was a death in the family, or a family emergency (must be specific), a doctor’s note or a letter from court. If a student is out 3
days or more they, must have a note from a doctor to be excused. Click here for the board policy on attendance.

Is my student excused if they check-out of school early? If a student checks-out sick, it is excused. If they check-out for an appointment, they must bring in a note from the doctor, court, etc. to be excused.

My student was absent because they were sick. Why were they marked unexcused? Students must turn-in to the attendance office an excusable note within 5 days of returning to school to be excused. The note must contain Student name, type of illness, date and parent or doctor signature.

What is the procedure to dismiss my student? Someone from the contact list in Aspen must come to school with their photo ID and sign the student out. If the student drives, the student may bring a note in to the front office before school starts. The school will call the parent/guardian to verify the note, then the student will be able to leave at the designated time after going through the check-out procedure.

What is the latest I can check my student out? The last check-out is at 3:00pm.

Are students allowed to leave campus for lunch? Students are not allowed to leave for lunch and parents are not allowed to bring fast food to their student for lunch, per CCSD policy.

What happens if my student leaves campus without permission? The student will be written-up and disciplined for skipping classes and leaving campus. Habitual offenders may forfeit their parking privileges.

Why would my student get a detention for coming to school late? If a student arrives at school after 8:15am, they will receive a detention unless they check-in sick with a parent note or a doctor’s note. Because CCSD provides transportation for students, the following are not excused: Car trouble, overslept, missed the bus, etc.

If my student is given a detention, when can they serve that detention? Detentions are held the last part of every lunch period in a designated area of the cafeteria. Students are expected to serve their detention on the date specified on the detention slip and have failed to turn in an excusable note. Failure to do so will result in Saturday School.

If my student leaves campus for a school event, does that count as an absences? No, not if it is an approved school field trip.

Are college campus visits excused? Seniors are allowed two excused absence days their senior year for college visits. Juniors are allowed one excused absence during their junior year for college visits. To be excused, the
student must obtain the appropriate form from their counselor.

Attendance Questions

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Parents — if you need to contact River Ridge regarding an attendance issue including student attendance issues / messages to release and doctor notes, please use this e-mail:

Khan Academy

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The following link can be a tremendous resource for the students of RRHS for a multitude of areas. Please browse the introductory videos and proceed to find the many different tutorial videos that can help in Math, Science, History, and some other basic needs. I am excited to have found this opportunity for an excellent resource for the students that can be accessed anywhere the internet is available.

Darrell Herring, Principal

General Supply List

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For the first day of school, and until the student meets the individual teachers, the following is suggested:



Loose Leaf College Ruled Paper

Red Pens

Black Pens


Colored Pencils

Donation Items include Tissues and Hand Sanitizer