RBC & TMS Reading Buddies

RBC & TMS Reading Buddies

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The Ralph Bunche Preschool Center and Teasley Middle School are working together through a new Reading Buddies program.

Photo of a Teasley Middle School student reading with two preschool students.

Eighth-grader McCallum Baker plays blocks with preschoolers Alan Delgato and Tate Waugh.

Eighth-graders from the Language Arts Success Class at Teasley MS recently visited the preschool to share books, play games, participate in music movement activities and help in small groups.

“The visit provided valuable opportunities for the preschoolers to explore relationships and foster positive experiences with their new friends from Teasley,” said Donna Adams, administrator for CCSD Preschool Centers.  “It was a mutually beneficial visit that allowed the boys and girls from Teasley to be a positive role model and for the preschoolers to develop new social skills while enjoying books.”

Photo of a Teasley Middle School student reading to two preschool students in the school cafeteria.

Eighth-grader Dinah Gorayeb reads to preschoolers Charlie Jacoby and Micah Dickerson.

“Undoubtedly, the Teasley readers enjoyed the experience as much as the preschoolers,” she added.  “The students at Ralph Bunche are looking forward to the Raiders next visit.”






Photo of a Teasley Middle School student reading with preschool students.

Eighth-grader Michael Zinkil reads to preschoolers Bryan Velasquez-Loarca and Diamond Tiller.


Donna Adams
Administrator, CCSD Preschool Centers

Dr. Susan Zinkil
Principal, Teasley MS