Katie Beckett Waiver Information

Katie Beckett Waiver Information

Click on the link below to find the latest information regarding the Katie Beckett Waiver for Special Needs Children. katie-beckett-pragram-information

Thank You Service League

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An open letter to the Service League Members…

Dear Service League Members,

The CCSD Preschool Staff  would like to thank you for your generous monetary support to our centers. Your donation will be used to purchase one car seat for each center to have on hand in case of emergencies in which students need to be transported to another location. On occasion, students need to be taken home due to sickness, inability to ride a bus, or even as we experienced this year, in a snow storm emergency. The car seats are a needed resource for our centers and we want to thank you for being a partner to us to accommodate our wish.


Donna H. Adams, ED.S.

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– Bobby Kennedy

To Our Friends…

To Our Friends at the Joseph Daniel Howard Foundation

Your kindness has touched us again!

Photo of a preschool student wearing headphones and using a computer.Cherokee County Preschool Centers would like to express our deepest gratitude for your generous donation to our schools. Your gift has enabled us to purchase listening centers, iPads, and therapeutic equipment that is essential to the education of our precious children.


Photo of a preschool student wearing headphones and using an interactive book.It has been a delight to watch our little ones independently manage the newly installed listening centers in our special education classrooms. With this welcomed new equipment, curious 3 and 4 year olds have discovered an early love of reading that will surely benefit them throughout their education. Children who are working on their communication skills have shown improvement with their receptive listening capabilities. They listen thoughtfully and have even begun to comment verbally. It is wonderful progress!

Preschool students reading in a children's reading area.The Joseph Daniel Howard Foundation has profoundly changed the lives of countess preschoolers. With your friendship, our children will have greater opportunities of an enriched educational experience. The Cherokee County Preschool Centers will forever be thankful to your foundation.

Please know how many lives you have touched!

Warm Regards from Thankful Educators,
The Administration, Faculty and Staff of the Cherokee County Preschool Centers