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Chrissy Robinson (Computer Lab): Christine.Robinson@cherokee.k12.ga.us

Chris O’Cleary (P.E.): Chris.OCleary@cherokee.k12.ga.us

Erin Reece (P.E.): Erin.Reece@cherokee.k12.ga.us

Mary Ellen Johnson (Music): Maryellen.Johnson@cherokee.k12.ga.us

April Lammers (Art): April.Lammers@cherokee.k12.ga.us


Oak Grove’s Art fundraiser this year is Square 1 Art. Your child has worked hard, and will receive FREE stickers of their artwork to keep. You may purchase additional items with your child’s artwork (cash, check, or money order to Square 1 Art) with a portion going back to purchase materials for the Art Room. Order forms with FREE stickers go home soon. Keep your FREE stickers, and send back your completed order form with money for additional items, or purchase online at square1art.com/shop and enter access code located on order form. Thank you for your purchases.


Kindergarten – Identify fast and slow tempos through listening, singing and moving. Increase awareness of how tempo affects us in all areas.

1st grade – Expand students’ grasp of dynamics by introducing the Italian words piano and forte. Recognize the need for dynamic contrast through various activities including listening and playing instruments.

2nd Grade – Explore the Science of Sound Production. Did you know that sound travels at 370 yards per second? Students will identify the sections of the orchestra and role of the conductor and discover members of the brass family.

3rd Grade – Continue to play the notes B, A and G on the recorder. Use tempo changes including largo, presto, and moderato. Internalize steady tempo by listening and performing. Reading music parallels to reading text; reading rhythms runs parallel to math.

4th and 5th Grade – Students are continuing to advance in their recorder playing, learning about fretted instruments and what makes Rock Music rock music. They are also composing on Quaver’s QStrum on the Microsoft computers. Fifth Grade has started work on their Expo music, a very difficult musical entitled “Hamilton.” The show is about Alexander Hamilton and uses “rap” and singing to tell the incredible story of an American hero.

Congratulations to the 3rd Grade students who were chosen to participate in the Zone Three, One World Concert. If your child was chosen, you will receive a letter of information.

Computer Lab

This month in the Computer Lab, Kindergarten will be practicing typing and finding the letters on the keyboard. First and Second Grade will continue to work on their math skills with the help of programs such as i-Ready Math and Big Brainz. They will also be working on their typing skills by typing passages and using Keyboard Climber to locate letters. Third through Fifth Grades will continue to practice constructed response and multiple choice questions on two passages.

Physical Education

This month in P.E. 3rd through 5th grade students will practice for FitnessGram testing, including curl-ups, push-ups, flexibility and endurance. Curl-ups test core muscle strength, push-ups test for upper body strength, and the mile run tests a student’s cardio-vascular fitness. Please have your child build their strength and fitness by doing these exercises at home. FitnessGram reports will be sent home at the end of the year for 4th and 5th graders.

2nd grade students will be doing floor hockey drills to practice basic skills. This will help prepare them for P. E. next year when they will play games in these sports. We will also practice dodging and throwing skills by playing a variety of dodge ball games. They love to play these games, and it helps with overall fitness levels.

1st grade will also be participating in throwing games, such as trash can basketball and Volcano; both games involve hitting a target. Students will play with the parachute, helping them to build core strength and upper body strength.

Kindergarten will work on locomotor and non-locomotor skills, balancing and moving in general and personal space.

Please allow your child to play every day and provide them with healthy meals for optimal health.