School Nurse

Notes from Nurse McGill

Facts About Pinkeye:
 Bacterial pinkeye is distinguished by thick, yellowish-green drainage from the affected  eye. This may prevent the eye
from opening.
 Viral pinkeye is the most common form of pinkeye. Symptoms usually include a watery drainage from the eyes which is often accompanied by cold-like symptoms. Eyelids may appear swollen.
 Allergic pinkeye is caused by allergies or chemicals (such as contact lens solution or cosmetics). Eyes tend to be itchy with a watery discharge.
 Bacterial and viral pinkeye are extremely contagious. It is spread through eye-to-hand and hand-to-eye contact. Children should wash their hands frequently.
 Allergic pinkeye is not contagious and tends to disappear on its own once the irritant is removed.
 Pinkeye with a clear discharge should not prevent the child from attending school. For pinkeye with a white or  colored discharge, the child’s doctor will recommend when he can return to school.
 A diagnosis should always be made by the doctor

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Thank you,

Vicki McGill, RN

School Nurse, Oak Grove ES