Fine Arts Integration

FAA LogoThe Oak Grove community strives to support and expand student learning through an arts-integrated process in reading, math, science, social studies, writing, language arts, speaking and listening. By offering multiple and varied path­ ways to learning achievement, the facul­ty respond to the individual learning needs of students. Our teachers regular­ly participate in professional develop­ment training which focuses on the instructional support required to guide student growth.

It is the primary mission of Oak Grove Elementary to encourage all of our students to become responsible, successful learners, in and through the arts. We seek to be a school of excellence, with high quality staff, effective instruction and successful, responsible stu­dents.

Oak Grove Elementary follows all Georgia and Cherokee County academic standards while emphasizing the use of the Arts across the curriculum. Research shows that arts-based instruction improves retention of content and improves both social and academic success of students.

What is an Elementary Education through Arts Integration?

Imagine a school with rigorous academic expectations for every student…exemplary teaching focused on engaging students…a place where students are challenged to grow social­ly and expected to demonstrate good character. A place where creative prob­lem solving is cele­brated …a place where all of the senses are used in the learning process and 21st century technology is not only available but used on a daily basis…a ‘place where students are encouraged to work together collaboratively and a place which builds an arts-rich community and culture that active­ly promotes problem solving, criti­cal and creative thinking, and high­ level responsible reasoning skills for all students. Imagine a place where, with hard work and FUN the dreams of learners can come true.