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School Mission Statement

Our mission at Mountain Road Elementary School is to provide an excellent and nurturing educational environment for the next generation of learners who are uniquely qualified to meet and exceed the expectations of the future by working together, providing clear communication, and delivering differentiated learning experiences.

School Belief Statement

  • Ensure student safety as adults are aware of their supervisory roles and responsibilities
  • Inspire students to achieve at their own rate by using different tools, strategies, and approaches
  • Provide multiple learning opportunities which are readily accessible for all students at individual attainment levels
  • Foster life-long learning interests and habits through varied methodologies
  • Celebrate diversity and equality among our student population by offering culturally significant programs
  • Offer a myriad of experiences leading technology and project-based learning to prepare students for the future
  • Deliver student needs based instruction that will result in richness of projects, goals, and assessments
  • Seek meaningful professional development as it relates to student achievement
  • Institute participatory teacher learning communities in order to develop cyclical needs based awareness
  • Invite parent and community partnerships into the Mountain Road climate and culture
  • Present students with valuable and timely feedback


School Vision Statement

Our vision is to motivate, challenge, and inspire this generation of learners to grow and achieve in a manner that will propel them throughout their education. As we endeavor to teach the whole child, we will create loving classrooms that expect and pursue high expectations. We are committed to using best practices which are researched- based and readily evidenced in our students’ learning.