School Council

The purpose of Mill Creek Middle School School Council is to:

  • develop and nurture communication
  • bring parents and the community together with teachers and school administrators to create a better understanding of and mutual respect for each other’s concerns
  • share ideas for school improvement

The MCMS School Council meets four times a year, with the dates posted on the school calendar.  Minutes will be posted for parents to review.

School Council Dates (MCMS Conference Room – 4:10 pm)

10/5/2017 – Meeting Minutes 10-5-17
12/7/2017 – Minutes from December 2017
2/1/2018 – School Council Meeting Minutes 2-1-18


School Council Members 2016-2017

Last Name First Name E-mail Represents
Martin Kerry E-mail Principal
Ball Molly E-mail  7th Parent
Blankinship Lisa E-mail  7th Parent
Lukow Will E-mail 6th Parent
Newton Riva E-mail Teacher
Porterfield Ben E-mail 6th Parent
Sass Brandee E-mail 8th Parent
Townsend Dana E-mail Teacher

School Council Minutes

 Minutes from April 13 2017

Minutes from December 8 2016

Minutes from October 6 2016

Minutes from December 12 2015

Minutes from October 8 2015

Minutes from December 2017