MCMS Solar Eclipse Plan for Aug. 21st

MCMS Solar Eclipse Plan for Aug. 21st

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Dear Parents:

Mill Creek Middle School has developed a plan to ensure the 2017 Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21 is a safe and educational opportunity for all of our students.

For this activity, students will learn about the eclipse in their science classroom and then go outside to view the eclipse between 2:20-2:45 with their homeroom.  Students will be provided eclipse-safe viewing glasses; students are not permitted to bring their own as we are unable to verify their safety rating.  Please talk with your child to reinforce the importance of wearing these safety glasses the entire time they are outside.

In order to participate in this activity, you must sign and return the attached permission slip to your child’s homeroom teacher by Aug. 18.  If your child does not return a signed permission slip, he or she will view televised coverage inside the school building.  If it is raining between 2:20 and 2:45, we will not be going outside.

CCSD Solar Eclipse Permission Form – English
CCSD Solar Eclipse Permission Form – Spanish

Please be reminded that due to the historical significance of this event, the Superintendent has authorized the following provision: Absences and early check-outs related to this event will be unexcused, but make-up work will be accepted without academic penalty.  Schools will not treat this absence as truancy.

If you plan to pick up your child before the eclipse, please do so by 1:00.  It will be very difficult to locate students for checkout during the eclipse prime time (2:20-2:45).

Please remember that our school day will be extended by 30 minutes; however traffic and checkouts may extend it longer.  Please be patient and flexible.  I will send REMIND text messages and emails if the buses are running behind.  Car riders will be dismissed at 4:30.  Please feel free to send a snack for your child to have in the afternoon.  If your child requires medication or has other medical needs after 4:00, please contact the nurse prior to August 21st.

See attached for the permission form.  Your child will receive a hardcopy of this information tomorrow.  Also, find attached a copy of the directions for signing up for the REMIND texting system to receive my messages throughout the school year.


If you have additional questions, please contact me by email, call, or contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

Thank you,

Dr. Kerry P. Martin

Mill Creek Middle School, Principal