Student Activities

healthycats readdingbowlteam Slide2**Participating in all Afterschool Clubs and Teams will require parents to provide transportation to practice games and CCSD competitions held after school and/or on weekends.              If you would like specific information about our student activities, please click the link below.


Academic Bowl Team– Fourth and fifth graders interested in academic topics such as geography, math, history, literature, and science, will try-out for a limited number of spots on the team. The team practices after school throughout the year with several competitions with other CCSD schools. Sponsors are Kristina Cribb and April Pitts

Chorus– Fourth and fifth grade students may audition for chorus which meets for practice during the school day and after school during certain seasons of the school year. The chorus performs at various school events. Sponsor: Ann Dancy

4-H Club– Students in 4th and 5th grade are welcomed to join 4-H Club which meets once a month after school. We are a local, county, state, and national club and focus on developing leadership, citizenship, and life skills. We will be involved in community projects, attend various camps, be a part of judging teams (consumer science, poultry, etc.), and take part in other fun activities. This is a club that students can be a part of all the way through high school. Sponsors: Misty Norton and Brandi Shockley

Healthy Cats Club– The Healthy Cats Club meets after school twice a month to encourage students to make healthy lifestyle choices and improve their physical fitness. Students will stretch, exercise, run, and participate in fun fitness games and activities.

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team– The HRRB team is made up of fourth and fifth grader students. There is a try-out to become a member. The team meets once a week from September to January to discuss books on the Georgia Book Award list. The team competes in Mid-January against other district elementary schools. Sponsors: Jennifer Rice and Leah Parrott

Junior Beta Club-To be inducted into the Junior Beta Club, the student must be a fifth grader who had all A’s in the first semester of the 2016-17 school year, met or exceeded the GCRCT in all areas,  and have his/her teacher’s recommendation with no office referrals.  The Club’s mission is, “To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.”  Sponsors: Tabatha Burcher and Brooke Hopkins

MES Play Production- This after school activity provides Macedonia students a chance to shine on the stage. Past productions have included Annie, A Christmas Carol, and Anne of Green Gables. Sponsor: Lynn Outlaw

Science Olympiad– Students in third-fifth grade are invited to this after school activity centered around various science categories. The team meets on a regular basis throughout the school year and competes with other schools each spring. Sponsors: Kirstin Hargadon and April Pitts

Student Council– Developing leadership potential in our students by providing service opportunities, and to give students a voice in the leadership direction of the school. Sponsors: Kristin Hargadon, Mary Sutton, Patty Webber, and April Pitts

Technology Club– Macedonia Tech Club meets afterschool on various days. Students will learn how to film & edit movies, create PowerPoint with pizzazz, improve digital photography skills, and much more. Students with an excitement for technology should consider joining this 3-5 club. Sponsor: Michelle Rich

Wildcats C.A.R.E. Club– Offered to 4th and 5th graders, this club is for students who want to make a difference in the world by leading the school in various random acts of kindness and showing compassion. Cultivate Awareness and Respect Everyone. Sponsors: Darlene Hefner, Kayla Cochran, and Brandi Shockley.

WMES News Crew–  Students in 4th and 5th grade have the opportunity to experience real world broadcasting while sharing school’s news/announcements with students and staff. Sponsors: Melissa Sardonia and Tiffany Gargiulo