Mrs. Warner is Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Warner is Teacher of the Year!

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Congratulations to Mrs. Warner, she is  Teacher of the Year! Our student, Trey Scott, asked Mrs. Warner a few questions.

How long have you been teaching? I  have been teaching for 4 years; before that, I was a Parapro for 6 years.

What made you want to do this career path? My mom and aunts were teachers. I spent a lot of time in my moms classroom, and it felt right.

Was it hard to adapt to this career path? No; although I worked as a legal secretary for many years before beginning my education career.

Did you ever want to give up trying? Never !!

Was work sometimes too hard to do? Being a teacher is challenging, but not to hard to do.

How many years did it take to teach? I received my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in four years from Central Michigan University.

How far did you get in college as a degree? I have a few hours towards my Masters degree.

Did you believe you can make it through college? Yes, I did. I had supportive parents who believed in me.

Do you have any siblings who has the same

career path? My sister is in the healthcare field.

How is your relationship with other staff? We have a wonderful, supportive staff here at TEC, and I am privileged to work here with everyone.

Did you adapt to this school easily? With some intensive training, I adapted fine.

How is your relationship with the students? I strive to have good relationships with my students; I care very much about them.

Do you have any kids? Yes. I have two daughters.

Do you like working at Tippens? Yes !!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Still teaching.

When do you think you’re going to retire? I hope to retire in about 10 years.