First Grade

First Grade Teachers:








The following are suggested supplies that will help ensure a successful year for your child:

Suggested Perishable Supplies

12 Glue Sticks

1 Watercolor paint-8 count tray

4 Boxes of Crayons-24 count

4 Boxes of Pencils-#2 plain (12 count boxes)

1 Eraser-Pencil-top or Bar (pack)

1 Primary Comp. Notebook-100 count composition

2 Markers -Washable/8 count

2 Folders with pockets (plastic)


Suggested Reusable/Non-Perishable Supplies

1 Book Bag—Reasonable size; easily stored

1 Pencil Box—Plastic 5”x 8”

1 Scissors – 5” blunt-end

1 Ear Buds


Possible Donation Items

Box of Tissues

Various size baggies (snack, sandwich, qt., gal)

Band-Aids (box/regular strip)

Baby Wipes

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer