5th Grade Supply List

Indian Knoll 5th Grade Supply List


Quantity Item and Description
8 sharpened #2 pencil packages
1 Pens – any color
1 sharpener (small, hand-held)
1 colored pencils (16 count)
2 highlighters (any color)
4 dry erase board markers (any color)
4 Packages of notebook paper (wide ruled, replenish)
1 composition notebook (ELA)
1  3 subject spiral notebook (Science & SS all in one)
1 pencil pouch
3 glue sticks (any size)
1 scissors (small, blunt tip)
6 folders with prongs

(red-ELA, blue-Math, green-Science, yellow-SS, purple-Take home, and orange-Reading)

1 USB flash drive ($10 or less)
1 inexpensive earbuds for computer (stored in labeled bag)
2 tissues (any box size)
1 hand sanitizer
3  wet wipes (Lysol, Clorox, baby)
1 Ziploc Bags (various sizes)

small tote bag to carry items from class to class (book bags remain in homeroom)
expand a file, pencil cap erasers
paper towels, Band-Aids
card stock paper, colored copy paper, command strips

ART Supplies needed:  Styrofoam plates, Ziploc Bags Gallon Size