4th Grade Supply List

Indian Knoll Elementary
4th Grade Supply List




Book Bag No wheels; easily stored 1
Draw String Bag Draw String Bag for switching classes 1
Scissors Fiskars (blunt end) 2
Pencil Pouch Zipper Pouch 1
Notebooks Composition Notebooks (no spiral) 4
Glue Glue sticks 16
Crayons 24 count crayon boxes 1
Pencils #2 Yellow -24 count box (prefer Ticonderoga) 4
Markers 12 count box 1
Colored Pencils 12 count box 1
Dry-Erase Marker Dry-Erase Markers 8
Highlighters Assorted Highlighters 2
ear buds personal pair to be used for a computer or iPad (not optional) 1
Kleenex boxes of Kleenex 3
Paper Package of wide ruled notebook paper 1
Folders Plastic with pockets & brads (one per color: red, blue, purple, orange) 4
Donation Items
Recess Equipment (soccer balls, jump ropes, kick balls) extra ear buds
1 bottle of hand sanitizer with pump 1 box Ziploc bags (any size)
Ream of colored cardstock paper 1 package baby wipes
Band-Aids **Roll of Paper Towels
Bath Towels for PE to wipe gym floor (no paper towels) + Band-Aids and Command Strips for Specials Teacher
Please remember your fourth grader may need to replenish his/her supplies throughout the year, therefore you may want to purchase extras during Back-to-School specials.