H.E.R.O. Week (Jan. 17-20)

H.E.R.O. Week (Jan. 17-20)

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H.E.R.O. Week

January 17 – January 20

During the week of January 17th, the children will be participating in H.E.R.O. week (Helping Everyone Respect Others) to discourage bullying like behaviors. Our theme for this year is “IKES Soars with Kindness”. Below are the specific dates along with the theme for the day. We will be doing a kickoff for H.E.R.O. week at our house meetings prior to the 17th where we will discuss the importance of kindness and kind actions. This will encourage kindness to others and decrease bullying like behaviors.

S – Tuesday Jan. 17th – “Spirit of Kindness” – Wear IKE school spirit clothes to show that you are a part of team Indian Knoll.
O – Wednesday Jan. 18th – “Outside the Box with Kindness” – Think of ways to be kind to others that you may not normally do. Wear as many patterns in your clothes to school that day. Ex. Stripe shirt with plaid pants
A – Thursday Jan. 19th– “Acts of Kindness” –Perform random acts of kindness throughout the day. Write it on the kindness wall within your hall.
R – Friday Jan. 20th – “Being Kind is a Routine Behavior” – Cheer on administration as they perform a routine through the halls prior to dismissal. Students will make signs to show them support during their performance.