1st Grade Supply List

Indian Knoll Elementary
1st Grade Supply List

The first grade team will be collecting a $30 yearly supply fee. Parents have the option of paying $15 at the beginning of each semester, or paying the entire $30 at Meet and Greet. The supply fee allows for teachers to purchase the supplies that are necessary for their individual classrooms and helps maintain an equitable distribution of supplies. We hope it also relieves some of the beginning of the year burden for parents. Supply fees help cover the cost of any educational or art supplies in the classroom. This classroom supply fee is a donation and no child will be penalized if they are unable to pay. If you would like to provide a supply fee scholarship for a child who may not be able to pay, please see your child’s teacher. In addition, we ask that each child have a full size backpack (preferably without wheels). The suggested donations below will be used in the classroom and specials area classes. Thank you!
Suggested donation items:
These items will be used in your child’s class as well as in Art, PE, Music, and Science
Tissue (2-3 boxes) 2 box gallon size Ziploc bags
3 boxes of baby wipes 2 paper towel rolls
3M Command Poster Strips 1 bottle hand sanitizer