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Our Mission Statement

The mission at Holly Springs Elementary STEM Academy is to educated all students in a literacy rich environment while promoting opportunities for academic success and maximizing each child’s potential.

School Improvement Plan for 2017-2017- SIP 2017-2018

One of the school’s most important tasks is to help students develop responsibility, self-direction, and a sense of purpose.
It is the school’s responsibility to provide instruction that is geared to the differing abilities and needs of the students and to emphasize academic achievement for every student, but it must never be conveyed that academic difficulty is synonymous with failure as a person.
Kindness and caring will be fostered within the school community, and student motivation and achievement will be improved when the school is a nurturing, supportive environment in which students feel emotionally and physically secure.
Teachers should model behaviors that include respect and concern for the individual, acceptance of diversity, and cooperation with parents, students, and other staff members.
Acceptance of students as they are, while maintaining challenging academic expectations, increases student self-esteem and leads to improved performance and productivity.
Competition in a supportive environment fosters higher achievement and the development of leadership qualities in students as well as awareness that competition is always a factor of success in a free and open society.
When schools provide instruction that makes students aware of the cultural and ethnic diversity, which characterize this nation, the likelihood is increased that students will learn tolerance, understanding, and cooperation.
It is the responsibility of the school to instill into the students the belief that education and learning are lifelong processes which will not only allow them to function and compete in today’s society, but will also enable them to continue to develop as individuals and to adapt to societal and cultural changes as long as they live.
The process of education, if it is to be successful, must be a partnership between the home and the school. It must make use of the skills, talents, and the resources of the parents, teachers, and all others within the community.
Discipline should be treated as part of the curriculum. It should be implemented not as retribution, but as a teaching instrument to help students become responsible and self-directed. Students need to view discipline as a set of just consequences that result from the choices that they. themselves, have made.
The greatest assets a teacher can possess are not an encyclopedic knowledge of subject matter and a master plan to get it across, but rather an encompassing love of children, a burning desire to see them become as that they are capable of being, and the belief that a teacher can make a difference in what a child does become.
It is the responsibility of the school to reinforce the core values that perpetuate the principles that our country was founded on, and to see that students understand that, with the inherent rights conferred by American citizenship, also comes incumbent rights and responsibilities.