Student Activities

HSES STEM Academy Clubs 2016-2017

Academic Bowl

Sponsor:  Valerie Wallace

Meeting Times:  2:30-3:30

Meeting Dates:  January- 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

February 6th, 13th, 27th

March 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

April 3rd, 17th, 24th




Art Stars

Sponsor: David Jacobs

Mission: This organization is designed to extend the learning, thinking, and creativity of students. Students will be engaged in art projects determined through interest surveys and guided discussions.

Meeting Times:  Wednesday after school weekly for most of the year.

Meeting Dates:  September-April

Dismissal:  Bus Lanes or ASP




Sponsor: Jennifer Gebczyk

Mission:  This organization will introduce and develop choral skills to apply to performances.  Students rehearse weekly after school and perform a holiday and spring concert.

Membership Requirements:  Interested 4th and 5gh grade students must complete an information form including parent/guardian signature.

Meeting Time:  2:30-3:30

Meeting Dates:  Wednesdays  October 5, 2016 weekly until April 19, 2017

Dismissal: Car Rider Lane


Friends Club

Sponsor: Gayle Wilkins and Anna Townsend

Mission: Assist students to choose opportunities for success, development of self advocacy, and appropriate social skills.

Membership Requirements:  5th graders with appropriate social skills knowledge and communication skills while maintaining their academic requirement.

Meeting Time:  2:30

Meeting Dates:  3rd Wednesday of every month.  Friendship Peer Buddies every Friday for 30 minutes at the discretion of their academic schedule.

Dismissal:  N/A


FLLFirst Lego League

Sponsors: Lisa Lougheed and Kimberly Forrester

Mission:  This organization will work to learn engineering skills and teamwork. The components of FLL are a robot challenge, research project, and core values. Also, students learn to program an autonomous robot.


Student Membership Requirements:  Interested students in 4th and 5th grades will apply and tryout for the team.  Students will need to maintain good academic standing in all classes.  Core values are one of the components of competition, behavior will be a factor in selection.

Meeting Time:  2:30-4:00

Meeting Dates: Monday afternoons from August 22-December 12

Dismissal:  Bus Lanes


Fit Club

Sponsors: Amanda Anderson

Mission:  This organization is designed to help to improve personal fitness and health awareness.  Students will participate in daily warm-ups, workout of the day, and cool downs along with health discussions.

Membership Requirements:  Application and $10.00 dues for T-shirt

Meeting Time:  2:30-3:15

Meeting Dates:  Wednesday

Dismissal Location:
Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Sponsors: Stephanie Gauthia and Jami Shade

Mission:  This organization will represent Holly Springs in the Reading Bowl. Students will read across genres of books that are nominated to win the 2016-2017 Georgia Book Award.  They will meet weekly to prepare for competitions related to these books.

Meeting Time:  2:30-3:30

Meeting Dates: Weekly beginning August 22nd-Early January (Contingent upon HRRB date and placement in competition.  Meeting will continue if going to regionals/state)

Dismissal:  Car Rider Lanes



National Junior Beta Club

Sponsors: Lisa Lougheed and Gina Haggerty

Mission:  This organization promotes character and social responsibility. It encourages students to participate in the school community. Also, leadership skills are fostered and developed.

Student Membership Requirements:  Students in 4th and 5th grades must have a 3.5 GPA and teacher recommendation based on the student’s behavior, moral conduct, and attitude.  The student will receive an invitation to join based on his/her qualifications.  Initial dues $25, returning members $10.

Meeting Time:

Meeting Dates:  August 31, October 26, December 7, February 1, March 8, and April 12.  An induction for new members will be held sometime in February.

Dismissal:  Bus lanes



Media Marvels

Sponsor: Stephanie Gauthia

Mission:  Help organize and promote use of the school Media Center.

Membership Requirements:  Interested 5th grade students must complete an application.

Meeting Time:  7:30-7:50

Meeting Dates:  Monday-Friday

Dismissal: N/A





Science Olympiad

Sponsor: Naticia Zocca

Mission:  Science Olympiad is an academic team devoted to the enrichment of the elementary science, math and STEM curriculum. The team consists of students in grades 3-5 and practices throughout the school year to increase their knowledge and love of the STEM-related fields. In March the team will take part in the rigorous county-level Science Olympiad Competition for a chance to move on to the state competition in May. Competition categories include various topics, such as Water Rockets, Disease Detectives, Bridge Building and many more. Students must apply and be accepted in order to join the team.


Meeting Time:  Wednesdays 2:45-4:00 and Fridays 2:45-4:00

Meeting Dates:  September 9, 2016-March 2017 (If state qualifier-will meet through May)




School Yearbook

Sponsor: Lisa Lougheed

Mission:  The yearbook club helps in design of the school’s yearbook. Students do everything from taking photos to learning layout design and marketing. A diverse group of students are involved in the development of the yearbook, each bringing unique skills and talents. We strive to produce a yearbook that truly reflects the student population at Holly Springs Elementary School.

Meeting Time:  TBD

Meeting Dates:  TBD

Dismissal: N/A



Tech Competition Team

Sponsor:  Maggie Power and Macey Hester

Mission:  This organization will encourage students to challenge themselves in the area of technical skills. Students will use the Regional Tech Fair website to find a category of technology and then they will create a project.

Students Membership Requirements:  5th grade students will fill out a form as to how much experience they have had with technology.

Meeting Time:  2:30-3:15

Meeting Dates:  September 14th, October 19th, November 16th and December 14th
Dismissal:   Car rider lines

Sponsors: David Jacobs and Nancy Bennett

Mission:  Provide a service to the school community by sharing announcements and information about school events.

Membership Requirements:  Application with Teacher Recommendation.  5th grade students

Meeting Time: 7:15-7:55

Meeting Dates:  Monday- Friday

Dismissal: N/A


Wildcat Ambassadors

Sponsors:  Chris Guy

Mission:  This organization has been developed to involve the student body in a meaningful and engaging environment that promotes a positive outlook on the many aspects of Holly Springs Elementary School.

Membership Requirements:  Students must maintain passing grades (C or better) and complete all homework, classwork and morning work.

Meeting Time 7:00-7:30

Meeting Dates:  Daily

Dismissal:  N/A