16-17 Kindergarten team

2016-2017 Kindergarten Supply List



•Backpack (Large enough to fit a folder and personal items. No rolling backpacks please)

•Fiskar scissors

•3 boxes of 8 count Crayola crayons (No jumbo crayons)

•3 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons (No jumbo crayons)

•10 Jumbo Elmer’s glue sticks

•1 bottle of white Elmer’s Glue

•1 Crayola water color paint set

•1 Pack of Crayola Markers

•2 Yellow Highlighters

•1 (12 pack) of #2 pencils

•2 pack of block erasers

•1 pack of colored copy paper

•2 boxes of tissues

•2 bottles of hand sanitizer

•2pack of baby wipes

•1 container of disinfecting wipes

•$5.00 donation for kindergarten journals

Girls:Quart and Sandwich size Ziploc bags

Boys:Gallon and Snack size Ziploc bags

We prefer you bring these items to Meet-N-Greet or send them the first day of school.

Holly Springs Elementary School STEM  Academy Kindergarten  School Supply List


  1. Can they take care of themselves and their clothes? Begin practicing these skills (buttoning, zipping, tie, etc.) by having your child get dressed each morning this summer on their own. Your teacher will help but this is a great skill to begin practicing now.
  2. Encourage being responsible for their own belongings. Your child will be responsible for unpacking/packing their backpack each day and carry their own belongings. Start encouraging this skill at home.
  3. Lunchtime: Can they open everything? Your child should be able to open most of their lunch on their own. There is always help available, however their time to finish lunch will increase if they don’t have to wait for help.
  4. Naptime: Phase it out if possible. Begin phasing out long naps prior to school so your child is not dependent on a longer rest period.
  5. Getting along without their favorite comfort toy or blanket. Students are not able to bring toys or blankets to school, begin addressing this before school begins.
  6. Limit after-school activities early in the school year. Adjusting to their new routine will exhaust students emotionally and physically the first few weeks of school. Ensure your child is getting the rest they need during the school week.
  7. Talk about it… but not too much! Prepare your child for Kindergarten as much as possible by discussing what’s to come without adding nervous feelings.
  8. Label EVERYTHING. Things will get lost, so label all personal belongings to ensure they get back to you.
  9. Create traditions for the first day of school. Kindergarten is a whole new adventure, treat it as such! Start some special first-day-of-school traditions.
  10. Take pictures and enjoy the moment. Finally, don’t forget to take a picture every year on the first day of school! Soak up the special memories-time flies!

This is a parent perspective on preparing your child for Kindergarten from an article written by a Harvard graduate and stay at home mom of four girls.