1st Grade

First Grade Supply List  2016-2017

·       Book bag, no wheels

·       #2 Ticonderoga Pencils (no mechanical) 24 count

·       Crayons (24 count only, 3 boxes)

·       Scissors (small round tip)

·       Glue sticks (12 small)

·       1 Plastic folders with pockets and
prongs (any color or design)

·       2 Composition books

·       1 Primary composition book

·       4 Pink erasers

·      1 One inch white binder with clear plastic cover

·       1 Pack of washable markers (primary colors)

·       1 cloth zipper pouch

·       1 Package of Clorox Wipes

·       1 package of dry erase markers (student use)

·       2 bottles of hand sanitizer

·       Box of tissues

Donation Supplies Appreciated

Colored copy paper
Colored card stock
Sandwich and quart bags
Small prizes for treasure box
We understand that there are a lot of supplies needed for school and want to give you
the opportunity to purchase over the summer when prices are at the cheapest.  We
would also like to extend the invitation to bring these items to school at meet and
greet in order to avoid your child carrying a heavy load to school.