Drama Club

Hasty Elementary Fine Arts Academy



May 12th @6:30 Hasty Cafeteria

May 23rd @ 6:00 Canton Theater

Sponsors: Sarah Weiss, Dr. Rita Frady, Nicole Dahlberg, and Cristin Bell

Practices Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2:30-4:30.

If you would like to donate to our Drama Club, please see our Sponsorship letter: Annie Jr Sponsorship 2017

Hasty Elementary’s drama club was created by Sarah Weiss when the school became a Fine Arts Academy in 2012. Since its creation, the 4th-6th grade students have performed King of the Jungle (a version of The Lion King), Seussical the Musical, The Adventures of Flat Stanley, and Cinderella. Hasty’s drama club is currently rehearsing for this year’s production of Annie, Jr.

The drama club’s mission is “to generate and nurture respect and adoration for the performing arts through connections to a student’s self, peers, and community”. It is the program’s desire to achieve several different goals. It is our desire to enrich our students’ lives through the performing arts. Whether a student enjoys acting on stage, being creative through artwork or costume design, engineering and designing props and sets, or managing various parts of the production such as sound, lighting, choreography, and so much more. The goal is for each participant to develop a respect for the performing arts.