Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

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It was wonderful to be able to see all of our Hasty Huskies meeting their teachers!  We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!  See all of our wonderful Huskies on August 1st!

Pic of All Pro-Dads PTA Getting Car Rider Information Ms. Tatum talking with a parent Mrs. Clark meeting her students Ms. Ferry helping students PTA Membership Mr. DeSue and Mrs. McComb talking with a parent Mr. Arnett sharing information a student comfortable is a chair Mrs. McMullen and students

July 9th Summer Reading Program

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July 9th

A special thank you to Mr. Larrotta and his daughters for all their help & Mrs. Regan too; the parents and students were glad to see you.

 Loved to see new staff getting plugged in and our wonderful teachers’ continuous support. We had a good turn out, and all Hasty cultures were represented.  A special thank you to Officer Pacer Cordry and his team, and FBCC for all their support and partnering with Hasty Elementary.

July 1st Summer Reading Program

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July 1st

Thank you Mrs. Lichucki, Mrs. Goss and Mrs. Almonte and the Canton Police Department. What a great job reading, helping hand books, drinks and snacks and for your help with the games and building relationships with parents, students and community. Every time we have one of these we see different kids coming. It’s been a great way to stay connected, help parents watch and learn some reading strategies and to maintain our kids reading during the summer.

June 25th Summer Reading Program

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July 25th
Here are some more pictures of our students showing up for some reading. Mrs. Munroe did an superb job reading to our students!  She even had the adults engaged.  The families told me she was excellent! Thank you Mrs. Munroe!
Mrs. Jump, Mrs. Millie Cline and Mrs, Weiss came and participated with their families and help out with the games!  Thank YOU all!
So, we played games and every kid took a book home! This group was a completely different group than the first.  Moving around their neighborhoods has been good because those without transportation can walk to it. J Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

June 11th Summer Reading Program

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June 11, 2016

This week, the Canton Police department was my reading partner, and we had a blast! Officer Pacer Cordry read to the kids in English and our Parent Facilitator, Gwen Freeman, read in Spanish so that the parents can watch and learn.  We had questions and the kids gave great answers, we had prices, snacks, candy, refreshments, free books to give away and played games with the kids. The officers gave stickers to the kids, let them get into the patrol cars and let them speak  over the speakers ordering people to pull over and ran races with them.  Everyone had a great time.

Are you ready for the new school year?

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We are looking forward to the school year!  Here is some information to get your school year started off great!

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