Student Activities

We have several activities available to our students at Free Home.

Academic Bowl Team

grades 4 & 5 are eligible to tryout; the team practices on Tuesdays from 2:30 – 3:30 (Mrs. Satterfield – sponsor)


students in grade 5 with all As are eligible; there are other requirements (Mrs. Satterfield, Mrs. Holland & Mrs. Brooks – sponsors)

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

reading list is given at the end of the school year, this is competition (Mrs. Patterson – sponsor)

Science Olympiad Team

students in grade 4 & 5 compete in March at the Olympiad, tryouts in the fall (Mrs. Power – sponsor)

ExP – Extended Day Tutoring

Need extra help with free tutoring in grades 2-5


grades 3 – 5 are eligible