After School Program (ASP)

The after school program is a great opportunity for students to not go home to an  empty house. Our program runs from 2:30 – 6:00 PM daily and the prepaid cost is $8 per day. Please contact Mrs. Kelly Payne with questions or Mrs. Vicki Wheeler with financial/payment inquiries.

ASP Registration 2017-18

Extra Activities Offered during ASP

ASP Extra Activities 2017-18

We are excited to have several awesome programs in our After School Program this school year!  NST Running and Soccer Club is new this year but not new to Free Home.  They participated in our ASP last school year and was very popular with the students who were in the club.  Their program begins October 12.  The 2nd session of Hip Hop Dance begins Oct. 19, and the 2nd session of Adams Sports Basketball begins Oct. 20.  Your student does not have to be in Session 1 in either Hip Hop Dance or Adams Sports Basketball to participate in Session 2.  If your child would like to participate in these programs, please follow the enrollment instructions on the attached flyers.

For students to participate in the extra programs offered in ASP, the student must be enrolled and the $8.00 ASP fee paid on the day of the program.