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Graduation on 1/25/2017…

FMS teachers were engaged in the Microsoft Innovative Educator program through the entire fall semester. 100% of the teachers completed the 10 week program and will graduate as MIE certified educators this week. Teachers were introduced to several of Microsoft’s new programs for education. In addition, they were given opportunities to use these programs in class and take their teaching to the next level. Congratulations to the teachers of FMS!

Overview of the MIE Program

Program Goal: an ever-expanding community of educators collaborating in designing 21st Century learning experiences, sharing the new designs, and leading the development of their own teaching practices.

The core elements of the 21 Century Learning Design program include:

  • Educators leading their own collaboration circles, supporting one another as they advance their own innovative teaching practices
  • A focus on redesigning learning to develop 21st Century skills and deepen learning of curricular goals
  • Using the new learning designs in their own teaching and analyzing the impact on learning
  • Sharing new learning activities with other educators locally and globally
  • Measuring changes in innovative teaching practices

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Program is designed for teachers and those who are responsible for training educators on the integration of technology in the classroom. The goal is to provide teachers exposure to the many Microsoft technologies and resources that support student-centered learning based on authentic problems and projects while aligning to 21st Century Skills, NETS-S and Common Core Standards.

The overall intent is to introduce teachers to the teaching materials through hands-on activities and conversation so that teachers may be enabled to get more out of the Microsoft products they have today and take advantage of the many free tools available to students and educators.