School Mission Statement:

The mission of Freedom Middle School is to create an environment that promotes a culture of growth, character, and knowledge.

School Vision Statement:

The vision of Freedom Middle School is to be a global learning community dedicated to the success of our students.

School Belief Statements:

At Freedom Middle School, we believe:

  • All students have the right to learn; all students can learn; all students can take ownership for their learning.
  • High expectations for achievement, behavior, and character result in high levels of student performance.
  • Multiple sources of data as well as individual needs drive instructional decisions and practices.
  • Sustained professional development and collaboration are key to building successful learning communities.
  • Positive, professional communication is essential to building student, staff, and community partnerships.
  • Modeling the principles of democracy fosters successful citizenship.
  • A safe school environment supports student achievement.
  • Integration of technology enhances students’ learning experiences.
  • A successful school depends on building community relationships.
  • Students thrive in the academic setting when they are nurtured both intellectually and emotionally.