Etowah HS Architecture and Engineering Students Tour Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Etowah HS Architecture and Engineering Students Tour Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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Architecture & Engineering Graphics Career Pathway students on the ‘Front Porch’ at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

On Thursday, November 2, 2017, 74 of Etowah High School’s Architecture and Engineering Graphics Career Pathway students experienced a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The tour was customized and facilitated by Mr. Brett Whitfield, Account Executive of Group Tours for Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the Atlanta Falcons Football Club.

The tour began on the ‘Front Porch’, outdoor fan gathering plaza, where students studied the exterior architectural design, the Ring of Honor, and the World’s Largest Falcon Statue. The tour continued into the interior of the structure and up to the 300-level where students examined the 100 Yard Club concourse before exploring the interior design of an 80-person VIP Suite.

On the 200-level concourse, students interacted with the 21st-century technology integrated throughout the AT&T Perch before descending onto the 100 level concourse to view the GHSA Helmet Wall. The tour then continued down to the lowest level of the stadium, Field Level, where students experienced the interior of the Atlanta United Soccer Team’s locker room, Delta Sky360 Lounge, and The SunTrust Club.

The Field Level portion of the tour culminated with an opportunity to walk the field and see the grounds crew striping the turf for a future game.

Etowah Junior, Emma Keene, said “learning about the architectural aspects of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium was fun and interesting. I am looking forward to incorporating what I have learned into my future designs.”

The tour ended with guest speakers Mr. Brian Wright, CMMS & Safety Compliance Coordinator, and Ms. Shara Mitchell, Manager of Bookings and Event Contracts, who each discussed the building’s design, construction, continuous maintenance and improvement, and the many careers affiliated with operating Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Following the tour, Etowah High School Sophomore, Ryan Raugh said, “visiting the stadium was truly an amazing experience, and I’m very glad I was able to participate. The engineering and architecture aspects of the building truly makes the importance of those careers shine. The stadium tour has helped further my interest in Structural Engineering.”

After the tour, Architecture and Engineering Graphics Instructor, Brandon Grummer, said “we appreciate Mr. Wright and Ms. Mitchell lending their valuable time to speak to our students. Their professional insight will influence our students to further investigate the many careers in the fields of both Architecture and Engineering.”

Mr. Brandon Grummer
Instructor, Architecture and Engineering Graphics

Etowah HS Students Participate in an Interactive University Tour

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Etowah HS Students Participate in an Interactive University Tour

On February 13, 2017, Etowah High School’s Architecture and Engineering Graphics Career Pathway students participated in an interactive tour of the Kennesaw State University Marietta Campus.  The tour was facilitated by the Kennesaw State University Office of Undergraduate Admissions and coordinated by Ms. Monserratt Vasquez, Campus Visitation Program Coordinator.

Upon arrival, a welcome session was given to provide an overview of KSU and admission requirements.  Following this session, a campus walking tour was conducted where students toured a Mathematics Center, The Student Center, Campus Green Spaces, The Atrium Building, Campus Housing, and the Architecture Design II Building.

Etowah Sophomore, Spencer Calderon said, “It was very fun to see what KSU Marietta was actually like.  It was surreal to walk into the dorm and a room, because this is what life has been building up to – college.  The actual campus was way cooler than I thought it would be.”

Following the walking tour, Etowah’s students enjoyed an interactive tour of the new Engineering Technology Center including spaces such as the strength of materials lab, mechatronics lab, and 3D printing lab.  Mechanical Engineering Technology Associate Professor and Interim Department Chair, Greg Conrey, facilitated an interactive breakout session to further discuss the Mechanical Engineering Technology program.

The tour concluded with an interactive breakout session facilitated by Construction Management Department Chair and Professor, Dr. Khalid M. Siddiqi.  This discussion brought to light the design process from concept to final construction, and the relationship to Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Construction Management.

Upon completion of the tour, Etowah Junior Per Ellingson said, “It was a very fun and educational trip.  We learned about all the tools necessary to advance our knowledge in the professions we’d like to pursue”.

“We appreciate Kennesaw State University facilitating such an in-depth tour,” Architecture and Engineering Graphics instructor, Brandon Grummer, said.  “Thanks to Ms. Vasquez, and the Admissions team at KSU, our students have now seen firsthand how their Career Pathway choice in high school can directly enhance their post-secondary goals following graduation.”

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