CCSD Course Extension Program

CCSD Course Extension Program



Students who have a final grade of 65-69 in the following courses: 

9th Literature and Composition A US History A Algebra 1 A
11th Literature and Composition A Economics Geometry A
Algebra 2 A

Click here to access information and a registration form about the new 10-day opportunity to recover your credit.  The cost is $40.00.  Spaces are limited and seats are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  See Mr. Van Alstyne in 3109 to register.  

This is a pilot program. It is not being offered for Honors or AP classes.

Additional Canvas Resources

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Canvas Guides in English (For Teachers, Parents, and Students)


Canvas Guides in Spanish (For Teachers, Parents, and Students)



CCSD Announces Class of 2018 Graduation Ceremony Schedule

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Cherokee County School District’s Class of 2018 will walk across the stage for graduation ceremonies, which all will be held at First Baptist Church of Woodstock (11905 Highway 92, Woodstock, 30188), at these times and dates:
• River Ridge HS: 4 p.m., Thursday, May 24
Etowah HS: 8 p.m., Thursday, May 24
• Creekview HS: 4 p.m., Friday, May 25
• Woodstock HS: 8 p.m., Friday, May 25
• Cherokee HS: 9 a.m., Saturday, May 26
• Sequoyah HS: 1 p.m., Saturday, May 26
The ceremonies will be streamed on so family and friends who are unable to attend still can participate.

Free & Reduced Priced Meal Application & Online Payment Information

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Free & Reduced Priced Meal Application & Online Payment Information

Cherokee County School Nutrition Program accepts free and reduced meal applications throughout the entire school year.  For faster processing, please access our ONLINE application at (English and Spanish version).  The online application will be submitted via our secure website for review and approval at the district level, eliminating the worry of a lost or misplaced paper application.

Paper applications are available in the front office of your child’s school  or they can be downloaded and printed at in either English or Spanish.  Paper applications should be turned in to your child’s School Nutrition Manager.  Information provided on the application is kept confidential and student identification is protected through the computer software in the cafeteria.


· One application per family, please include all children and family members in the household .  You do not have to complete an application for each student.

· If you complete an online application, you do not have to complete a paper application.

· Please ensure that your child has money in his/her meal account until you receive notice that your application has been approved.  Any charges made on an account prior to application approval remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

· Notification letters of eligibility will be sent via the primary email address listed on your student’s school registration — please check SPAM folders.  If an email address is not available, letters of eligibility will be sent home from your child’s School Nutrition Manager.

· For online applications, you will receive a confirmation number after you have submitted all necessary information.  The confirmation number confirms that the application was submitted for review only, an official notification of approved eligibility will be sent after review.

New Online Payment Information for Student Meals

Go to to enroll your students in our NEW online payment program.  There is a 4.75% convenience fee per transaction.

You can make deposits to multiple student accounts with one single payment, set up recurring payments for monthly or weekly deposits and see your student’s balance at any time.

Register today! (To register for a new account, you will need your student’s school ID number.  If you do not have this number you may obtain it from your student’s school.)

Cherokee County School Nutrition Charge Policy

Charging breakfast and/or lunch is for emergencies only and should not be considered as a choice on a routine basis.

Meal Charge Procedure and Substitute Meal

Elementary School Students ‐ The procedure for elementary students without adequate funds to purchase school meals allows them to charge up to two (2) days of meals. If students use, they need to notify the cashier who will allow the student to charge the meal. Students who have charged two days of meals and do not have the means to pay for meals will be offered a substitute meal. The cost of a substitute meal is 75 cents and consists of a sandwich, juice or milk and one serving of fruit or vegetable.

Middle School Students –The procedure for middle school students without adequate funds to purchase school meals allow them to charge one (1) day of meals. If students use, , they need to notify the cashier who will allow the student to charge the meal. Students who have charged one day of meals will be offered a substitute meal. The cost of a substitute meal is 75 cents and consists of a cheese sandwich, juice or milk and one serving of fruit or vegetable.

High School Students – High school students who do not have adequate funds to purchase school meals will not be allowed to charge a regular meal. Students will be offered a substitute meal. The cost of a substitute meal is 75 cents and consists of a cheese sandwich, juice or milk and one serving of fruit or vegetable. Students may charge up to two substitute meals. If students use, they need to notify the cashier who will allow the student to charge the meal.

Students who owe for charges are not allowed to purchase supplemental sale items.

Supplemental sale items cannot be charged. The signed parental permission form must be on file if a student is not allowed to a purchase supplemental sale items from their account.

To prevent your child from being offered a substitute meal, please provide money for your student’s meals each day or prepay for meals in advance. To assist parents, student account balances can be monitored at any time via our online payment program ( This service can be used regardless of whether you use the online funding option (a service fee is charged) or send cash or checks directly to the school. Create an account for each student, then throughout the year monitor the student meal account balance (or fund their account). Add your student(s) by entering their student ID# and selecting their school. The account balance displays in the middle of the screen. We highly recommend that you set a Low Balance Alert ($10 or higher is suggested) using the links on the page to receive an email reminder when funds are low.

During the month of May, students who owe $5 or more will not be allowed to charge meals and will receive a substitute meal (the cost is 75 cents).

School cafeterias make every effort to inform students and parents when funds are low by sending home notices via students, verbal reminders to students, telephone calls and/or emails.

Parents are responsible to ensure that children have an adequate lunch from home or sufficient funds to purchase school meals.


Change to School Meals Pre-Payment System


The Cherokee County School District has changed its school meal pre-payment account system for the 2017-18 school year.

Existing funds in students’ My Payments Plus accounts from last school year have been transferred over to the new K12 Payment Center; students will be able to use these funds when school begins August 1.

Parents must set up an account at to add funds. You will need your child’s student ID (the 5- or 6-digit ID your child uses to buy meals); if you don’t have this ID, the front office of your child’s school can provide it to you.

Parents can use the My Payments Plus mobile app or website as they have in the past to see the balance that was transferred; once your child makes a purchase in the cafeteria, any transferred balance will appear in the new account.

After you set up a new account, you can add money by making secure online payments using a credit or debit card (the new system charges the same 4.75% convenience fee as last school year) or by sending cash or checks to the school at no additional charge. You can deposit money online into multiple student accounts with one payment. Students also can continue to pay with cash at the cash register.

The new system continues popular features such as the ability to check your balance, track your child’s purchases and receive low-balance alerts by email and text.

Parents also are reminded that CCSD participates in the Federal free and reduced-price lunch program, and applications are accepted year-round:

Questions? Please call CCSD School Nutrition at 770-721-8419.

Café Health Inspection

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Congratulations to Main campus and Etowah East cafeterias.  BOTH have earned a perfect score on their Health Inspection!

EOC ‘Test Out’

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Pursuant to new statutorily-required provisions contained within the State Board of Education Rule regarding Awarding Units of Credit, students taking high school courses will now be able to “test out” of courses which have an associated Milestones End-of-Course test (EOC). This impacts students wishing to complete the following eight HS courses: 9th Grade Literature, American Literature, Geometry, Algebra, US History, Economics, Biology and Physical Science.

Read More Here

Etowah HS Receives a 4-star School Climate Rating

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The Georgia Department of Education has released the 2016 CCRPI School Climate Star Ratings for schools.  The rating system ranges from 1-5 stars. Four stars is considered above average; only 54.8% of all schools statewide earned between 4 and 5 stars for climate.  More information is here.  The basics of what goes into calculating the rating is listed below.  This is the 2nd year-in-a-row that Etowah earned a 4 Star Rating.