School Operations

Office of School Operations

Equipping and empowering instructional leaders.

1205 Bluffs Parkway
Canton, GA 30114

“We equip and empower instructional leaders to foster student success by promoting supportive learning environments and student well-being.”

The Office of School Operations oversees the daily operation of schools, including school administration, transportation, school nurses and social workers.  This division also oversees athletics and extra-curricular activities, student disciplinary tribunals, truancy, the student discipline code, school reassignment, homeless student services and after school programs.

Trey Olson
Deputy Superintendent 

Beth P. Long
Executive Director, Administrative Leadership (Elementary Schools)

Debra Murdock
Executive Director, Administrative Leadership (Middle and High Schools)

Jim Georges
Director, Transportation Routing/Operations

Dr. Rouel Belleza
Supervisor, Student Services

Ernie Brown
Coordinator, Vehicle Maintenance

Angie Goff
Coordinator, Routing/Operations (North)

Debbie Hendrix
Coordinator, Routing/Operations (South)

School Operations Areas of Responsibility

Beth P. Long

Elementary Student Discipline

Homeless Student Services /Foster Care Point of Contact

School Enrollment

After School Programs (ASP)

Debra Murdock

Middle/High Student Discipline

Student Athletics

Middle/High Student Attendance


Reporting Child Abuse

Dr. Rouel Belleza

School Nurses

School Social Workers 

Student Activities

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