Financial Management

Office of Financial Management

110 Academy Street, Building C
Canton, GA 30114

The Office of Financial Management includes Budget, Accounting and Internal Audits; Purchasing; and School Nutrition. This division oversees budget development, employee payroll, SPLOST collections, Requests For Proposals (RFPs) and internal audits, and administration of the school breakfast and lunch programs.

Kenneth Owen
Chief Finance Officer

Marjorie DeFrank
Director, Financial Management

Tina Farmer
Director, School Nutrition

Shannon Nolan
Supervisor, Purchasing

Mindy Woosley
Supervisor, Accounting & Budgets

Jenna Williams
Coordinator, Financial Compliance & Reporting

Linda Dittrich
Coordinator, School Nutrition

Amanda Fleming
Coordinator, School Nutrition

Superintendent’s Recommended 2017-18 Budget

Financial Facts 2017

2014-15 Independent Audit

Guidelines for Sales by School

Requests For Proposals

Additional CCSD financial records are posted on the Open CCSD Page