Educational Programs, Student Support, Accountability and Professional Development

The Division of Educational Programs includes Curriculum and Academic Standards, School Improvement,  Assessment, Special Education and Professional Development.  This division oversees K-12 instructional resources, student performance standards, federal and state programs and initiatives (Title I, Pre-K, ESOL, Response To Intervention), Move On When Ready, gifted instruction, and virtual learning.  District-wide academic events and competitions such as Governor’s Honors, science and social studies fairs, academic bowls, Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, Science Olympiad and Young Author’s Fair are supported through this division as well.

Financial Management

The Division of Financial Management includes Budget, Accounting and Internal Audits; Purchasing; and Warehouse Operations. This division oversees budget development, employee payroll, SPLOST collections, Requests For Proposals (RFPs) and internal audits.

Personnel Management

The Division of Personnel Management includes Departments of Staffing, Risk Management/Safety/Benefits, and Certification/Compensation.  This Division oversees hiring of new personnel, employee orientation, compensation, experience/employment verification, risk management/worker’s comp, retirement programs, substitute teacher scheduling system, and administration of health insurance and other benefits.

Public Information

The Division of Public Information includes Communications, Community Relations, Partnerships, Public Information, Publications and Strategic Planning.  Services coordinated by its staff also include awards and recognitions, charter petition review, Custodian of Records, media relations, Open Records Act requests, public relations and special events.

School Operations

The Division of School Operations oversees the daily operation of schools, including school administration, transportation, school nurses and social workers.  This division also oversees athletics and extra-curricular activities, student disciplinary tribunals, truancy, the student discipline code, school reassignment, homeless student services and after school programs.

School Police

The Cherokee County School Police Department is a state-certified law enforcement agency and also includes Emergency Management Operations.  The School Police Department assigns certified police officers to each School Innovation Zone, provides proactive planning and training for school-based staff,  utilizes trained narcotic detection canines, provides parent/community safety education programs, facilitates background checks on employees and volunteers, and conducts criminal and administrative investigations.

Support Services & Facilities/Construction Management

The Division of Support Services & Facilities/Construction Management includes the Departments of Facility Construction, Facility Maintenance, Planning/Forecasting and School Nutrition. This division oversees the construction and renovation of all new and existing facilities; maintenance and physical operations for over 5 million square feet of facilities; attendance area planning and student enrollment projections; and administration of the school breakfast and lunch programs.

Technology and Information Services

The Division of Technology and Information Services encompasses Instructional Technology, Information Technology, Enterprise Field and Enterprise Network Services, Data Communications and Technology Maintenance and Operations.  Services coordinated by its staff also include the creation of user network login IDs; evaluation, purchase and installation/configuration of technology hardware and software; repair and maintenance of existing technologies; daily technology support to schools and support offices; secured connectivity to Internet resources; management of CCSD phone system; technology-based professional development for staff; instructional support to students; and oversight of CCSD data.