School Council

Council Meeting Notes

2016-17 Meeting Minutes will be posted after each School Council meeting.


School Council 4-26-17

School Council 2-15-17

School Council 11-16-16

School Council 8-24-16


Purpose of the School Council

The General Assembly of Georgia created councils to “bring communities and schools closer together in a spirit of cooperation to solve difficult education problems, improve academic achievement, provide support for teachers and administrators, and bring parents into the school-based decision-making process.”

School Councils shall provide advice, recommendations, and assistance and represent the community of parents and business.

Council Membership

  • Members of the School Council will serve for a term of two years.
  • The council will have a minimum of seven members.
  • A parent member must serve as the chair.

School Council Accountability & Scope

The council is accountable to the constituents they serve and shall:

  • Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues
  • Participate in council meetings
  • Participate in information and training programs
  • Act as a link between the school council and the community
  • Encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community
  • Work to improve student achievement
  • Provide advice and recommendations to the school principal and local board of education

Meeting Dates

All meetings are held in the Front Office at 7:30 a.m.

2016-17 School Council Members

Mark Merges, Principal

Linda Heinz, Principal’s Secretary

Tabitha Wilkie, Chair

Jane Knauff, Vice-Chair

Jamie Bobo, Parent

Mike McGowan, Parent

Jim Nicholson, Parent

Amy Upchurch, Parent

Tim West, Parent

Steve Payne, Teacher

Anne Theirs, Teacher

Jenny Brooks, Business Partner

Jim, Maher, Business Partner