About Creekland Middle School

Creekland Maximizes Success

Through shared responsibility as stakeholders at Creekland Middle School, we are inspiring, empowering, and challenging students to excel academically, personally, and socially: to reach their full academic potential; to think critically and creatively; to communicate effectively; to acquire a repertoire of technology skills for today’s technology-driven world; to find their purpose and recognize their self-worth; to respect themselves, others, and the learning environment; and to have the abilities and skills required to be contributing members of society and the future leaders of tomorrow.

Creekland Middle School is a public middle school in the Cherokee County School District.  We are located in Canton, GA. Approximately 1,500 students attend Creekland Middle School.  We are a high performing school within a high performing district,  and we have a 9/10 rating on Great Schools.

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