Accessing Teachers’ ASPEN Pages

Please note: If you are having trouble accessing your Family Portal account, you can submit a help ticket to: If you have never accessed your account before, you will utilize this same email address to submit a request for a username and/or password.


Using the Aspen Family Portal

Logging into Aspen

To log into the Aspen Family Portal, do the following:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Go to the address
  3. Enter your Login ID and Password

Using the Family Portal

Family members, particularly those who are primary adult contacts for a student, use the Family view to view their students’ information and academic progress.

Family members can view the following information for their students’ records:

 Demographics

 Contacts

 Attendance

 Schedule

 Transcripts

For the current school year, family members can view the following academic information for each class in which their students are enrolled:

 Details, including attendance and grades

 Assignments, including grades

 Attendance

Using the Tabs

At the top of the window, under the Cherokee County banner, tabs will assist in navigating the Aspen environment.

Pages tab, you can do the following:

 Set preferences, such as your password and other information

 Log off of Aspen

 Go to one of the other tabs to view your information:

Click this tab… To…
Family View your student(s) information, such as contacts and attendance.
Academics View your current schedule, and your grades, assignments and attendance in each class.