Student Services

Student Services – Instructional Lead Strategist, Academic Facilitator, Counselors, and Nurse


Instructional Lead Strategist

Robyn Dailey

Academic Facilitator

Ashley Polito

School Counselors

Jill Cole

Aaron Robinson

What is my counselor’s job?

  • Works with students, parents, and teachers/administrators
  • Counsels students individually, in small group, and in large classroom guidance settings
  • Helps to identify the needs of students
  • Encourages better students relationships
  • Promotes positive attitudes and good choices
  • Coordinates referrals to outside agencies
  • Provides preventive and developmental guidance

School Nurse

Joy Harrison

Medication Authorization Form (PDF)

Authorization to Carry Prescription Inhaler, Auto Epinephrine Injector, or Diabetic Equipment (PDF)