The Cherokee High School mathematics curriculum aligns with both the national core curriculum as well as the GADOE standards, striving to develop independent productive mathematical thinkers throughout the chosen four years of mathematics coursework required of each graduate.  There is significant emphasis placed on differentiation, technology, reasoning and application within the wide range of available courses.  In addition, support is offered at all levels, from daily walk-in math tutoring session to SAT and ACT prep classes.  The department faculty recognize the dynamic nature of math education and continuously seek to best prepare today’s learners for their own future success.

Teacher Email Address
Nicole Howard
Lindsey Arthur
Micah Brittin
Lorri-Ann Brogden
Kristen Davis
Jessica Davis 
Sandra Garcia
Amy Geer – Department Head
Andrew Harper
Eric Jones
Jeremy Jones
Carrie Kingsley
Marissa Lakes
Amy Langston
Julie Laycock
Ben Luke
Jennifer McKinney
TJ McNellie
Tricia Parks
Justin Pearce
Bailey Pearson
Robin Roper
Katie Sanders
Amy Stamey
Christine Tindall
Leslie Whitney