Assistant Principals

Mr. Jeremy Adams, Athletic Director
Student Last Names: A-Cos

 Mr. Jeremy Adams

Administrative Assistant, Megan Thomas

Counselor, Tracy Tuck

Areas of Responsibility: Athletics – Transportation and Buses – Parking – Clubs – PE Department

Ms. Connie Ard, 9th Grade Academy
Student Last Names: Harr-Lu

Mrs. Connie Ard

Administrative Assistant, Diana Dale

Counselor, Chris St. Vrain

Areas of Responsibility: Freshman Academy – Subs – MS/HS Transition – EXP – Laptop Distribution – Freshman Academy and ESOL Departments

Ms. Meagan Biello, CTAE
Student Last Names: Cot-Harp

Ms. Meagan Biello

Administrative Assistant, Dina VanAlstyne

Counselor, Amanda von Schilling

Areas of Responsibility: Career Tech – SAT/ACT Prep – SGA – Graduation – Summer School Support – Credit Recovery – Homeroom – Saturday School – Partner in Education – Testing – CTAE, English, and Fine Arts Departments

Mr. Neil Howell, Special Education
Student Last Names: Pri-Sl

Mr. Neil Howell

Administrative Assistant, Letty Perez

Counselor, Gayle Cuomo

Areas of Responsibility: Special Education – Transportation – Extended School Year – Facilities – Special Education Department

Mr. Charley Ingham, Curriculum
Student Last Names: Sm-Z

Mr. Charley Ingham

Administrative Assistant, Sara Carmichael

Counselor, Karen Holton

Areas of Responsibility: Curriculum – Data Management – Academic Letters and Awards – SIP – Senior Projects – Textbooks – PLC – Counselors – Math and World Language Departments

Dr. Judy Wright 504, RTI, HHB
Student Last Names: Ly-Pre

 Dr. Judy Wright

Administrative Assistant, Megan Thomas

Counselor, Sonia Murillo

Areas of Responsibility: RTI and SUCCESS Tutoring – 504 – Hospital Homebound Services – CCSD Framework – Lockers – PLC – Technology – Attendance and Tardies – Character Ed – Social Studies and Science Departments