Sequoyah HS Earns International Skills Diploma Seal!

Sequoyah HS Earns International Skills Diploma Seal!

Sequoyah High School has been approved for a State-approved diploma seal!

The school successfully applied to the Georgia Department of Education for authorization to issue the International Skills Diploma Seal to eligible graduating seniors beginning this school year.

Georgia International Skills Diploma Seal

The program recognizes students who complete an “international education curriculum and engage in extracurricular activities and experiences that foster the achievement of global competencies… it is a signal to employers and higher education institutions that a student is prepared to participate in the global economy.”

To earn the designation, students must: complete at least three credits in the same world language and/or English for Speakers of Other Languages; at least four credits in courses determined to have an international focus (e.g., international economics, world/non-US history, world geography, etc.), at least four extracurricular activities and experiences with global themes and/or in global contexts (e.g., exchange programs, international and language clubs, travel abroad), 20 hours of community service involving a global/cross-cultural public service project and a capstone presentation on the knowledge gained in these courses and activities.

Sequoyah High School will be recognized for this accomplishment by State Superintendent of Schools Richard Woods at a ceremony later this month.

“We’re proud Sequoyah has earned this prestigious seal of approval to further recognize outstanding students with strengths in this field,” Cherokee County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “This new honor builds upon our School District’s success in developing and promoting a variety of programs to best prepare students as they plan and pursue their future career paths.”

Sequoyah HS joins three other CCSD schools in offering the seal: Cherokee HS, Etowah HS and Woodstock HS.