CCSD Publishes Annual Report of District Progress

CCSD Publishes Annual Report of District Progress

The Cherokee County School District has published its Annual Report of District Progress, which provides a yearly snapshot of accountability-based performance results and accomplishments.

“Our outstanding performance is a testament to the continuing effort of our teachers, administrators and support staff, who work tirelessly to ensure each student is as successful as possible,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower said. “Additionally, we must acknowledge the significant contributions of our extended community — we would be unable to accomplish CCSD’s mission without the support of volunteers, families and business partners!”

The Annual Report features strong representation of CCSD’s continued excellence organized through the following themes:
• “Educating the Emerging Generation”
• “Raising the Bar”
• “Always Improving”
• “Engaging Community”

It also showcases evidence that CCSD is performing well above its peers at both State and National levels using performance- and survey-based metrics:
• Student Achievement Measures;
• College Readiness Indicators;
• Fiscal Responsibility Indexes;
• Student Growth Measures;
• Community Support Indicators; and,
• General Demographic Profiles.

The Annual Report has been newly redesigned to serve as a foldable brochure for presentations or a poster for display purposes. The redesign placed a greater emphasis on infographics and streamlined text to increase user-friendliness.

“We hope you enjoy reading this year’s Annual Report,” Dr. Hightower said. “We think all of our stakeholders will be proud to call their own.”