Message from the Superintendent: Protest Organized by Sen. Williams

Message from the Superintendent: Protest Organized by Sen. Williams

UPDATE: The following message was sent today, Sept. 27, 2017, to River Ridge High School and Mill Creek Middle School parents:

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Superintendent, we appreciate your patience with our successful additional security measures in preparation for the protest held today by Sen. Williams.

We also are grateful for our CCSD School Police Department’s strong partnerships with the law enforcement community; the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office and Marshal’s Office greatly assisted us today in ensuring the protest stayed off campus at the roadside right-of-way.

None of us knows what could have happened today had we not made clear our plans to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff. We’ve all seen how protests advertised as peaceful have gotten out of control, and we are unwilling to take such a risk with our students’ and our employees’ safety.

As we have repeatedly stated publicly, we do not agree with the teacher’s actions, and we support our students’ Constitutional right to express political opinions. The Superintendent has authorized an administrative investigation, which is ongoing. We don’t rush administrative investigations or violate employees’ due process and lead taxpayers into costly litigation in order to please a politician or special interest group.

Thank you for entrusting your children to us each day; we are committed to providing them a safe and secure learning environment and the best education possible.

Barbara P. Jacoby
Chief Communications Officer
Cherokee County School District


POSTED 9/25/17

Dear Parents, On behalf of the Superintendent, please be advised that the following message has been sent to Sen. Williams. We take the safety and security of your children very seriously and have planned additional precautions even beyond those noted below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school’s front office so they can assist you.

Senator Williams,

On behalf of the Superintendent, this message is to advise you that the protest you’ve scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017, according to your social media posts, will not be permitted on the River Ridge High School/Mill Creek Middle School campus or any other CCSD school campus, in accordance with federal and state laws.

Unfortunately, your protest was planned and announced by you and your campaign without any prior conversation with the Superintendent or his staff.  During today’s conversation, you were advised of the current situation regarding due process for the employee to whom you have referred.

We have determined that your protest, while advertised by you as “peaceful,” cannot be guaranteed as such, and will significantly disrupt teaching and learning and may endanger the safety of more than 3,200 students and staff.

While we strongly support the Constitutional right to air grievances through peaceful protest, we support the courts’ interpretation that this right is limited in regard to school campuses.  You may be unaware that the RRHS/MCMS campus, which serves Grades 6-12, has no public sidewalks or adequate right-of-way for congregating or parking; the signage you’ve advertised as your protest location is on school property.

In the interest of public safety and preventing a disruption of school activity, access to the RRHS/MCMS campus will be restricted all day on Wednesday, Sept. 27, to anyone other than RRHS/MCMS students, employees and parents who are dropping off/picking up their children or participating in other school-approved activities. Students, employees and parents are to bring appropriate identification.

School police officers and other public safety personnel will be monitoring the driveway entrances and elsewhere on campus to ensure students and employees stay safe and secure; and the campus will be on Code Yellow all day (no outside activities).  Traffic likely will be impacted; we encourage students to ride the bus and all drivers in the area to consider alternate routes.

Again, we strongly support the Constitutional right to air grievances, and, to that end, we invite you to consider an alternate location at our Dr. Frank R. Petruzielo Educational Services Facility at The Bluffs in Canton.  This campus includes a flagpole courtyard, which would provide a location for you and your supporters to congregate, and there is the opportunity for parking; please contact Police Chief Mark Kissel if you are interested in this location, so we can ensure adequate parking is available.

Also, please be aware that our School Board’s next meeting is at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017 at the facility at The Bluffs. The meeting is conducted in public, and the agenda is published on our website one week in advance.  The Board hears public comment at all of its meetings, and the guidelines are posted on our website as well.

As we have repeatedly stated publicly, and to you in a phone conversation earlier today, we do not agree with the teacher’s actions, and we support our students’ Constitutional right to express political opinions.  As you were told today, the Superintendent has authorized an administrative investigation, which is ongoing, and, as a result, we cannot discuss disciplinary action to ensure the Constitutional right of due process is afforded to all employees.


Barbara P. Jacoby
Chief Communications Officer
Cherokee County School District

Congratulations to CCSD’s Class of 2016!

Congratulations to CCSD’s Class of 2016!

CHS Grads 2016 (4)

Cherokee High School

Jasmin Klarlund Abrahamsen
Austin Michael Acevedo
Evan Lamar Adcox
Christopher Kenneth Alcott
Sophie DeVane Alexander
Rosalyn Alvarado
Emmanuel Enrique Alvarez
Antonio de Jesus Amador
Alexander Brendan Amos
Felix Jesus Anaya Flores
Christin Grace Anderson
Christopher Joseph Anderson
Alexander Dominic Apone
Selina Maria Arellano
Abriah Dajanae Arthur
Callie Marie Austin
John Russell Bagwell
Jason Charles Bailey
Alexa Nicole Baker
Dasia Trenae Baker
Rachel Rose Marie Baker
Jacob Lee Barker
Andrew Robert Barnard
Luke Robert Barr
Alice Faith Barry
John Russell Baxter
Savannah Nicole Bearden
Alison Courtland Belfield
Luis Alejandro Beltran
Michael Scott Benjamin
Deven Breana Bennett
Kaley Brooke Bennett
Noah Jackson Bennett
Josceline Ann Berkson
Justin Kyle Bernat
Logan Michael Best
Armando Blanco
Aja Lee Blankenship
Breanna Lynn Bohannon
Te’ona Shawntell Bol
Kayla Alanis Boone
Madeline Amber Bostick
Avery Keith Boyette
Obie Caleb Brannon
Michael Breining
Isabelle Lee Breitbarth
Yasmin Monique Bridges
Elexis Olivia Britford
Benjamin Thomas Brown
Brittain Keith Brown
Calab Savoy Brown
Sydney Marie Brown
Abby Daniele Brown
Matthew Stanley Brubaker
Luke Cameron Bundrum
Sarah Jayne Elizabeth Burgess
Gannon Michael Burke
Anslee Danielle Busby
Analisa Michelle Buttacavoli
Ian Andrew Caddy
Jarred Austin Cain
Alexia Elizabeth Calloway
Christina Sera Cammarata
Ashley Alexia Campbell
Lindsay Marie Cantley
Alaina Clare Cantrell
Cody Michael Carlson
Vonterrus Jaquan Cartwright
Andrea Diane Carver
Rachel Ann Catt
Makaila Dionna Caylor
Bren Mikayla Champion
Branden Allen Cherry
Jairus Bruce Cherry
Blake Stephen Chester
Emily Diana Chicosky
Amanda Wu Chin
James Alexander Chunn
Hannah Brooke Church
Ashley Rose Clark
Courtney Deanna Clark
Ryan Chandler Colby
Zachary Preston Cole
Juliann Marie Comer
Sydnney Dawn Conkel
Richelle Allean Cordery
Vanessa Maybell Cortez Gomez
Kara Brooke Cowley
Austin Richmond Cox
Samantha Julia Crable
Emily Paige Crane
Viviana Juan Cristobal
Andrew Blake Croft
Victoria Joyce Crosswhite
David Olin Crothers
Joshua Michael Crowley
Ty Nicholas Dangerfield
Preston Lee Dault
Morgan Victoria Davidson
Victoria Alexis Davila
Aaron Jacob Davis
Andrew Donnavanne Davis
Benjamin Travis Davis
Jordan Cameron Davis
Summer Mackenzie Davis
Daniel A. De Los Rios
Veronica Ann Delanuez
Jeremy Delgado
Marcos Reyes Delgado
Lauren Amelia Dellheim
Sydney Elise Denmon
Mason Alexander DeWitt
Tyler Dickerson
Kimberly Marie Dilbeck
Isabelle Rose Dillon
Tiffany Dixon
Mildred De Los Angeles Dominguez
Courtney Donohue
Jake Dotson
Zakary A. Driscoll
Torey Rene Duhon
Austin Michael Duncan
Tyler Dave Durden
Kirstyn Victoria-Elisia Eagle
Raenelle Alana Edgehill
Amber Lynn Ellis
Charles Morgun Faulkner
Mitchell Evan Feltham
Miranda Fetter
Heidi Allison Filasky
Wyatt James Fisher
Benjamin Fluke
Tyler Folks
Shane Foster
Timothy Jay Francis
Ethan Ryan Fraser
Tatiana Frattale
Jessie Nicholas Freeman
Joshua N. Freeman
Justin Taylor Freer
Dakota Lee Frye
Jacob R. Gann
Walter Rojelio Garcia
Abraham Morataya Garcia
Selvin Garcia
Shayla Giselle Gazcon
Steven Salvador Gazcon
Russell Jarrett Geers
Avery William Getz
Natalie Cameron Gilbert
Bailee N. Gilbreath
Michael A. Gogan
Joseline Gomez Gomez
Savannah Christy Gordon
Kayla Gravitt
Michael Scott Gravley
Alixandra S. Green
Katie-Mae L. Greenfield
Miranda Lee Grogan
Gunnar W. Grove, III
Lucy Renee Groves
Elizabeth Jeanette Gunter
Maria Guzman R.
Rose Marie Haley
Justin K. Hall
Tristan Gage Hallmark
Susanna Katharina Hamde
Madison Michelle Hammack
James Taylor Hannon, IV
David Tyler Hardy
Coleman Denton Harris
Erica A. Harris
Morgan Sloan Harrison
Harrison Josiah Haynes
Grace Head
Jeffery Helton, Jr.
Sarah Madison-Leigh Henderson
Madison Brooke Hendrix
Baylee Henson
Ossiel Edrey Hernandez
Nilda Hernandez
Jonathon Herrera
Mariana Holcomb
Austin Holcombe
Marcus Darnell Holt
Taylor Brooke Hoskins
Brett Alexander Hrouda
Alexandra Huch
Trent Douglas Huebner
Lee Hughes
Haylee Hullett
Angela McKenzie Hulse
Brayton Cole Hunter
Eric Leland Hurley
Dalton Lee Hutchison
Justin Michael Ingram
Kash Jackson
Nathalie Jaimes-Arias
Rian Wesley James
Bailey Nicole Jaussi
Amber Brianna Na’Shay Jenkins
Megan Harper Johnson
Christopher Saunders Jones
Lucas Dylan Jones
Michael Hunter Jones
Jason Raymond Jordan
Kelsey Leann Jump
Laura Natalia Kaedi
Emily Day Kaman
Andraus Keishawn Keith
Courtney Jane Kendrick
Aaron Sam Keonet
Andrew Patrick Killeen
Conner Jacob Kirsch
Ashley Merrideth Kissinger
Erick Knowles
Taylor Christine Kucensky
Erin Elizabeth Lane
Kelsy Olivia Langham
Yesenia Lara
Emma Ruth Lewis
Abigail Marie Lindner
Meghan Lindstrom
Tyler James Lipham
Edward Jeremiah Loarca
Alvaro Mendoza Lorenzo
Killian Wray Lott
Carlee Olivia Lowe
DiamondRuby Macareno
Tyler Nathaniel Madison
Shannon Allison Main
Christopher Joshua Mancuso
Matt Ryan Marston
Joseph Wayne Martin
Edward Orlando Martinez
Macy Leann Martinez
Vanessa Martinez
Brent Ryan Masci
William LeAndre Mason
Sydney Paige Massey
Fernando Mateo Aguilar
Christian Reese Mathewson
Adam Henry Mayo
Colten Lee Mays
Matthew Dekota McCoy
Paige Nicole McCoy
Kyle James McDermott
Noel Dalton McGowan
Chelsea Mon’et McIlvaine
Megan Elise McIlvaine
Jacob Thomas McLean
Stephen Lee McLoud
Amber Nicole Medley
Diana Karen Mendoza
Peter James Millen
Logan Russell Mixson
William Molette, IV
Harold Eugene Moon
Robert Chandler Moore
Tanner Loggans Moore
Kyersten Ashley Moreira
Dannie Joe Morgan
Kaila Reece Morgan
Dalton Thad Morris
Madasen Saven Morris
Madeline Renee Morrison
Steven Michael Morrison
Victor Wyatt Moyer
Martin Munoz Sumano, Jr.
Jonathan Daniel Murdock
Patrick William Murphree, Jr.
Kayla Marie Nash
Logan Kurosh Nazemzadeh
Evan Stanley Nechvatal
Taylor L. Nevill
Briana Jessica Newman
Madalena Matias Nicolas
Maia Imani Niles
Ruthie Janale Norton
Rachel Hannah Odendahl
Kyla Elizabeth Oldham
Brandon Lee Oliver
Miyoko Oliver
Natalie Lauren Olivier
Emma Catherine Olson
Kiley Quinn O’Neill
Yusleidy Ordonez
Kahlyn Marie O’Shields
Tyeson Christopher Owenby
Rolando Pablo Raymundo
Kristen Nicole Padgett
Matthew Hunter Padgett
Johnathan Carl Parks
Kayla L. Parks
Austin Brett Parris
Nishi M. Patel
Samantha Carmel Patrick
Eric Ross Patterson
Jared David Payne
Madison Leeann Payne
Katlyn Nacole Peerman
Jorge Perez
Sebastian Perez Pineda
Joey M. Perna
Bryson Darnell Perry
Jagger Maxwell Peterson
Marissa Kendall Pfitzenmayer
Zachary John Picard
Justin Wesley Pivaral
Ali Michele Postell
Noah Graham Powell
Sofia Natalie Prikazchikov
Tonia Elise Prows
Laureano Alberto Pujol
Stacee Tiago Pye
Madison Leigh Pyles
Brandon Quibano
Derek Quibano
Michael Alexander Quinn
Lorena Vasiliy Radchuk
Bianca Joanna Ramirez
Teresa Ramirez
Brittany Nichole Rampley
Laura Vanessa Rave-Baena
Peyton Lauren Reed
Nicholas Isaiah Reese
Kaci Morgan Reid
Jesse William Remaley
Luis Angel Reyes Gonzalez
Adam James Reynolds
Emily Faith Rhodes
Chase Kirk Rice
Victoria Alexis Richardson
Erik John Riefe
Christian James Riffle
Brian Austin Riggins
Trale’ze Robinson
Stephanie Lily Rodgers
Yanira Guadalupe Rodriguez
Sarah LeAnn Rogers
Brianna Taylor Rokovitz
Hannah Nicole Rooks
Sydney Katherine Ross
Hunter F. Ruff
Leah Ann Ruff
Miles Webber Ruff
Kimberly Saint-Surin
Kenyatta Lamont Sample
Victoria Nicole Sanchez
Jessie Lewis Satterfield
Dane Jerrod Sayre
Taylor Micah Scarbrough
Benjamin Schmidt
Chloe Ann Schofield
Brandon Charles Schultz
Nicolas David Schultz
Christopher Greyson Schulz
Jermaine Leon Scott
Ashley Marie Seal
Emme Lane Secunda
Jose Francisco Segura Peinado
Andree Renee Seibert
Hayley Grace Senczyszyn
Madison Gail Sheppard
Jessica Livier Silva
Emma Leighann Simmons
Makayla Journee Simoes
Nathan Sizemore
Zachary Tyler Sizemore
Elena Alexandra Smart
Chance Xavier Smith
Emily Faith Smith
Ethyopiaharizen T. Smith
Tanner Mason Smith
Tierra Michaela Smith
Trevor Canyon Smith
Tyler Wayne Smith
Julia Ann Snow
Wessly Soronellas
Ashley Marie Soto Roman
Angela Soto Roman
Shawn-Michael Alen Speight
Roxie Srikoulabouth
Cole Stafford
Conner David Stevens
D’Ara Tommie Stevenson
Shana Lynne Stewart
Taylor Elizabeth Stone
Albert Lee Stone, III
Jarett Douglas Stowers
Juwan Dante’ Sullivan
Kinzie Marie Sullivan
Mattalynn Nicole Sullivan
Brandon Matthew Sutton
Taylor Noel Swann
Aden Rhoades Swayze
Bennett Alan Swayze
Robin Lee Sweat
Samuel Scot Tatum
Matthew McLain Taylor
Vance Lamont Taylor
Michael Allen Temple
Julio Rolando Tercero Bautista
Julio Rolando Tercero Bautista
Gabriella Leticia Tercero-Bautista
Vitalina Tercero-RaFael
Evan Grant Thompson
Lauren Keely Thompson
Ashton Nichole Thompson-Young
Samantha Paige Thornton
Dwayne Andre Tiller, Jr.
Talbot Tindall-Balch
Shandrea Tolbert
Antjuan Mykel Tomlinson
Kaylee Aspen Totten
Cierra MacKenzie Towe
Jacob Andrew Tucker
Nicole Marie Turner
Victoria Suzanne Twible
Grant Michael Tyrolt
Joshua Cole Uzzell
Alicia Nicole Veal
Maria Velasquez Lopez
Miguel Luiz Velasquez Raymundo
Irving Vicente
Maria Elena Vicente
Jordan Arthur Viehmeyer
Christian Taylor Vines
Martha Lynn Voizin
Andrew Wallace
Kylah Jane Wallace
Gabrielle Suzanne Wand
Austin Tyler Warren
Catherine Ann Watkins
Robert Zachary Weaver
Steven James Wedel
Hannah Pearl Weisse
Jessica Taylor Wenclawiak
Grace Catherine Wentz
Erin Elise Werner
Kathryn Victoria Wheeler
Rio Kawazoe White
Alicia Ann Wille
Jordan Ann Williams
Madelyn Brooke Williams
Rebekah Lacy Williamson
Samantha Claire Willingham
Logan Daniel Willis
Grace Elizabeth Wilson
Carlee Danielle Worley
Sierra Noelle Wright
Cameron Lance Wulfsohn
Amber Michelle Young
Tristan Phillip Zell

Creekview High School

Kirsten Nicole Aanensen
Nicole Hemma Abdalla
Christopher Avery Aderhold
Victoria Marie Alexander
Sara Ashton Alford
Lauren Nicole Allen
Nathan Philip Allen
David Alvarez
Dalton Eugene Amos
Caleb Gregory Anderson
Mason Thomas Anglin
Natalie Danielle Ashworth
Jacob Christian Axon
Ian Blane Baker
Jarod Robert Baldwin
Katiana Leigh Barbosa Upshaw
Brooke Claire Barnes
Brian Curtis Barrett
Dana Gabrielle Beckman
Devin Chad Beckman
Leah Nicole Beckman
Kylee Renee Bell
Joshua Joseph Bennett
Tara Gabrielle Bilodeau
Michael Andrew Blackwell
Zachary Charles Bland
William Michael Bloom
Melody Song Boone
Anna Kathryn Bosworth
Demetri Rory Bowie
Reid Alexander Bowman
William Zachary Boynton
Morgan Greer Braddon
Austin Carver Bralick
Hailey Ann Bratz
Shelley Lucia Bridger
Tara Elizabeth Brolley
Lillian Jean Brown
Christopher Frank Brown
Tara McKay Browning
Elizabeth Anne Bryant
Griffin Packard Bryant
Abigail Makenzie Burgess
Preston Robert Burns
Christopher Devon Burse
Catherine Nicole Burton
Abbey Layne Busby
Maria Angelica Caballero
Brittany Leanne Cagle
Ryan Joseph Camp
Dylan James Carl
Patrick Murphy Carmody
Amber Christine Carr
Lacey Amanda Chambers
Laura Diana Chambers
Christin Haerim Cho
Alexus Decoria Clayton
McKenzie Scott Cleghorn
Chase William Clines
Andrew Michael Comelitti
Cailan Isabel Comer
Candace Camille Conner
Anneliese Conrad
Harmony Chloe Copeland
Brenden Richard Cormier
Catherine Mary Correia
Erin Kellie Coursey
Alexis McKenna Cromer
Jackson Wayne Crosskno
Griffin Dale Culpepper
Skye McKenzie Curtin
Emily Anne D’Agostino
Nikolaus Alexander Daniels
Jessie McKenzie Davis
Rachel Patricia Davis
Jacob Connor Day
Holden Charles Dayoub
Joseph Thompson DeFrank
Riley Grace Densmore
Jessi Lane DeVita
Andrea Kathleen DiGennaro
Nicholas Thomas Evangelos Katsigiannis Dimos
Madison Leigh Dionne
Griffin Patterson Dirrim
Sarah Elizabeth Disharoon
Michael William Dolan
Ashley Carol Douglas
Landen Keith Drake
Brian Daniel Dunn
Madison Jade Dunn
Brennen Cole DuPree
Avery Benjamin Eddington
Elijah Donald Ellett
Danyal Nathan Etienne
Benton Rhys Everspaugh
Kylie Brooke Ewald
Carolyn Figueroa
Samantha Ann Flora
Grant Thomas Foster
Eric Jonathan Fountain
Kori Layne Fowler
Alexander Augustine Francoletti
Natalie Elizabeth Frazer
Alexander Manigault French
Lauren Mae Gailey
Abigail Elizabeth Gambill
David William Gangelhoff
Nicolas Garcia Bolanos
Eduardo Gardea
Fernanda Gardea
Yahi Gardea
Brianna Lynn Gerold
William Sidney Gillett
Peyton Margaret Goeman
Hannah Rose Goodall
Cabri Alana Gordon
Andriana Irina Gore
Kathryn Rose Goss
Cameron Rae Grady
Bridget Lee Grant
Sheremiah Ann Gregory
Jamie Ann Haley
Chase Holcomb Hamby
Megan Ariana Hammontree
Hazel Mykaela Hamrick
Cassandra Michelle Hankin
Cameron Elizabeth Harper
Tara Brooke Hartman
Julianne Schenewerk Hartman
Ethan Pablo Manuel Hayes
Ashley Noel Hazel
Peyton Amanda Heath
Ansley Savana Henson
Hunter Mitchell Hewgley
Danae Elizabeth Hildebrandt
Madeline Martha Hill
Sommer Leigh Hill
Ronnie Austin Hilton
Tori Brooke Hindman
Seth Dawson Hobbs
Sascha Isabella Hodgson-Oetke
Josephine Alexis Hohmann
Madeline Elizabeth Holman
Trevor Scott Holton
Andrew Stephen Homiller
Victoria Ruth Hudson
Hannah Kendall Hughes
Sheldon Michael Hughes
Nicholas Stewart Hunter
Bethany Joan Hyde
Olivia Celeste Hyde
Mackenzie Daryl Jacks
Frances Lane Johnson
Bailey Renae Johnson
Frances Lane Johnson
Shae Erin Jolly
Andrew Nicholas Jones
Kevin Matthew Jones
Kristi Marie Jones
Lauren Alexia Jones
Nicholas Justin Jones
Garrett Alexander Joseph
Kathryn West Kampovsky
Joshua Adam Katzenstein
Jared David Kaynes
Jordan Rose Kendall
Dylan Thomas Kennedy
Allie Sarah Kerns
Nathan Avery Kerns
Samir Riaz Khan
Amber Leigh Kidd
Jacob Taylor Kittelson
Austin Taylor Kligerman
Lindsey Marie Kligerman
Kyle Allen Knauff
Taylor Nicole Knecht
Jessica Rhiannon Knight
Tyler Jordan Koch
Jozy Rebekah Labadie
Donovan Michael Lang
Jessica Kate Langdon
McKenah Nicole Larson
Jade Nicole Leffingwell
Alexis Michelle Leitenberger
Breana CarolAnn Lelak
Timothy Lee Lewis
Zion Majesty Lewis
Robert Christopher Lipscomb
Anthony Mark Lockard
McKenzie Renee Lovelace
Hannah Mauryce Lucius
Philip Matthew Lucksinger
Alexis Caroline Lyons
Lane Matthew Magney
Anali Martinez Alfaro
Megan Elizabeth Mason
Margaret Taylor Massey
Isabella Marie Maxim
Jordan Leigh McCloud
Amanda McConnell
Rachel Claire McConnell
Savannah Marie McCoy
Miranti Joan McGraw
Hunter Patrick McHugh
Benjamin Raymond McNamara
Tyler David McNamara
Chelsea Delaney McNeil
Megan Grace McPherson
Sarah Elisabeth Meherg
Madison Marabeth Moak
Anne Fallin Moore
Reba Lynn Moorehead
Luis Mauricio Mora
Rowyn Lenore Moreno
Matthew Thomas Morgan
William Dell Murwin
Carter James Nedza
Brady Filip Neilson
Elizabeth Ann Newbold
Emily Brooke Newbold
Matthew James Nicolacopulos
Wyatt Anderson Northcutt
Riley William Northover
Wynter Berlyn Olson
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Timothy Richard Owens
Cecily Catherine Pache’
Ciara Nicole Paesano
Micah Joseph Page
Mahima Virendrakumar Patel
Brianna Nicole Patterson
Michael James Patterson
Robert Franklin Paul
Jenna Brooke Payne
Kasheka Lashay Payne
Samuel Pelletier
Kilyan Vicente Pena
Brittney Michelle Perry
Christian Ray Peterson
Avery Elizabeth Pickerill
Gabriel Plascencia-Cabrera
Patrick Alan Plemmons
Desiree Elizabeth Poole
Savannah Hope Pouncey
Alyssa Nicole Powell
Addison Chase Prater
Cameron Jenny Mae Pressley
Olga Lizbeth Pulido Briones
Dava Marie Quail
Preston Everett Quarles
Katelyn Sky Quinones
Mikal Patrick Rafool
Megan Elisabeth Ramirez
Nicolas Isaias Ramirez
Katherine Gale Rand
Bailey Anne Ray
Camden Turner Ray
Kirsten Lee Ray
Shari Magnolia Recinos
Mackenna Caroline Reddy
John Aaron Reed
Kevin Carl Renfro
Luke Anthony Restall
Hannah Grace Rice
Dixie Leana Rich
Tanner Christopher Richart
Megan Marie Rigas
James Steve Roberts
Matthew James Robertson
Dylan Dakota Robertson
Hunter Joseph Robinson
Zachary Michael Robinson
Alejandra Rodriguez
Katherine Irene Rogers
Helen Victoria Rogers
Samantha Ann Rolka
Austin Ryan Romines
Madison Claire Roop
Cole Thomas Ross
Jonathan Michael Ross
Hannah Reece Rubelsky
Caleb Lee Rudin
Tyler Lee Rushing
Zachary Calvin Russell
William Jeffrey Rylant
Erica Nicole Sanford
Micah Austin Sapp
Kaylen Julia Saunders
Frelinda Jo Sawyer
Skylar Shannon David Scales
Steven Joseph Schaefer
John Robert Schellhase III
Andrew John Schumacher
Natalie Aurelia Schuster
Caleb Michael Sentz
Ashiv Prem Sharma
Madeline Kate Shedd
Jeremiah Joseph Shreves
Katherine Lynn Sinyard
Grant Logan Slater
Christian Forrest Sloan
Casley Alexis Smith
Conner James Smith
Gabrielle Rose Smith
Sierra Nicole Smith
Jacob Logan Sokolove
Matthew Joseph Somsen
Madison Dawn Sowers
Colton Scott Spare
Samantha Lilah Sprang
Emily Diane Stagmeier
Kirby Troy Stancil
Macy Elizabeth Stansel
Lawson Reid Stansell
Michael John Stapor
Dara Alexis Staton
Jacob Hugh Stephens
Christopher Chase Stone
Taylor Brooke Strickland
Ryan Nathaniel Stubbs
John Chappell Summers IV
David Michael Sweet
Shawn Jeoffrey Swift
Andrea Dorothy Swindell
Erin Elizabeth Taylor
Erik William Thomas
Leah Isabelle Lacy Thompson
Amanda Renee Thompson
Carson Elizabeth Thompson
Talia Anh Todd
Troy Nicholas Toddy
John Sanford Touchstone
Shelby Jo Travers
Nadia Nicole Trochelmann
Niko Thomas Trumbauer
Jesse Alexandria Tucker
Nicholas Boyd Turano
John Wilson Tyner
Alexander David Urffer
Katherine Elizabeth Vickers
Aaron Miles Vickery
Kiana Rose Viscomi-Schwab
Mitchell Wood Waldron
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Kathleen Suzanne Winslette
Shelby Lynn Witherspoon
Evan Thomas Wray
William Andrew Wright
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Etowah High School

Aaron David Abbott
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Zazil-Ha Aguilar
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Ana Bridget Albertson
Sydney Grace Alexander
Gabrielle Marie Allen
Phillip Nathan Altom
Zachary Cruze Archer
David Antonio Argueta
Olivia Karyl Armstrong
Austin Grady Arnold
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Skyler Harrison Ash
Emily Anne Ashworth
Canyon Conner Aspy
Tykee Atkins
Sarah Kathryn Autry
Cole Everett Baldwin
Mathew Roy Ballantyne
Meghan Elizabeth Banks
Heather Nichole Barber
Mackenzie Shae Barber
Suada Barlov
Noah John Barnard
Logan Ronald Barnes
Ariana Isabel Barrera Villasenor
Jordan Alexander Barreto
Lucas Machado Barros
Teresa Elizabeth Barry
Shelby Taylor Bates
Maxwell Lee Beaham
Weston Matthew Beaham
Parker Ross Beaupre
Brandon Christopher Beaver, Jr.
Blake Calvin Beavers
Jefferson Alexander Behrens
Elijah Cornelius Bell
Ahmed Yassine Benabdesselam
Kelsey Lynn Berman
Alyssa Payge Beyler
Samson Michael Bigger
Mason Jeffrey Bilbro
Abigail Elizabeth Bishop
Benjamin Luke Bitzer
Austin Ryan Black
Tiffany Celeste Blakeley
Zachary Arden Block
Faith Ashley Bolle
Mackenzie Ann Bonk
Keyana Victoria Bonner
Nicole Diane Booth
Alyssa Jean Borgschulte
Cody Hunter Boring
Samuel Bouchard
Ryen James Boulanger
Abigail Rene’ Boyett
Sidney Michelle Brackett
Kyle Lawrence Brady
McKenna Elyse Bray
Sierra Diane Bray
Christian Andre’ Breaux
Phillip Michael Brent
Lauren Kaitlyn Britton
Sara Kate Brockmeier
Paige Leann Bronner
Andrew Kyle Brown
Austin Taylor Brown
Sarah Payton Brown
Rebecca Elizabeth Browne
Alexandria Judith Bruggeman
Mackenzie Morgan Bukasa Dickson
Bailey Paige Burks
Kaitlyn Eileen Burns
Alexander Greer Butler
Michael Ryan Cabena
Kaitlyn Fiona Cain
Michael William Caloca
Daniel Matthew Campagna
Madison Nicole Campbell
Nicholas Ever Carbonell
Colton Thomas Carey
Gianni Carola
Dafne Carrasco-Preciado
Tia Elisabeth Carter
Keegan Sloan Casteel
Dalia Sanchez Castillo
Jazlyn Arikze Castro
Kaylee Joy Cavanaugh
Catalina Jasmine Cerda
Allen Mackenzie Chance
Christopher James Chandler
Danny Chanthaboun
Justin Lee Chapman
Brandon Michael Cho
Babar Rehman Choudhary
Autumn Nicole Clemons
Caleb Scott Clendenin
Kinsey Elizabeth Clubb
Kathryn Rose Cobbett
Liam James Cochran
Dylan Chandler Cole
Meredith Lynn Collier
Jada Margaret Collins
Briston Dean Cook
Ryleigh Ann Cooke
Travis James Cooper
Michael Edward Corcoran
Alana Sheffler Cordak
Mahala Leigh Cornett
Jacob Wesley Courtney
Caitlin Andria Cross
Daniel Thomas Currie
Megan Lauren D’Aquino
Samantha Paige Dalton
Jakob David Daniel
Essence AnnMarie Darden
Briggs James-Bryson Darrah
Penny Elizabeth Davenport
Charles Andrew Davis, Jr.
Heaven Akkesha Davis
Lindsey Grace Davis
Mason Glenn Davis
Angel May DeBeneditto
Lauren Helen Debranski
Alexander James Deer
Andy Delgado
Briana Myrna Depeyster
Alexander Gadiel Diaz
Lisa Marie Diaz
Pamela Diaz
Elizabeth Joann Dillard
Mark Peyton DiMilia
Breanna Leigh Dixon
Makenzie Blair Donaldson
Samuel Garrett Donley
Sonia Ann Dorleus
Sophia Ann Dorleus
Austin Gregory Dorsey
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Dorsey
Marissa Alexandria Dorsey
Abigail Rae Dotson
Averie Elisabeth Dreaper
Alec Ryan Drosos
Alexandrea Lynn Durbin
Kingsley Efe Ediae-Holly
Kathryn Elizabeth Elliott
Roberts Chukwuemeke Flynn Emefiele
Kyle Charles Ensley
Lauren Mackenzie Etzler
Zachary Scott Fabian
Andrew Steven Feather
Sebastian Victor Feldam
Ana Karen Fernandez
Claudia Christian Field
Diana Rose Filbey
David Jesse Flagg
Shannon Kathleen Flaherty
Katelyn Marie Flynn
Samantha Rose Forbes
Ryan Alexander Fortgang
Hannah Madison Fowler
Samuel John Freckmann
Meaghan Mackenzie Freire
Shayson Gibson Fu
Shaina Jokathryn Michaela Futch
Sarah Marie Gantt
Haley Marie Ganues
Diamond Aalyah Garard
Daniel Garcia-Hernandez
Brittany Nicole Garrett
Sarah Beth Garrett
Vanessa Gaspar-Silva
Paige Louise Irene Gathercole
Andrew Crawford Gay
Samantha Rosaleigh Gilbert
Madeline Claire Gilmer
Nicole Pearl Gilner
Alec Sawyer Gipson
Jacob Noble Glasser
Jenifer Cecilia Gomez Perez
Daniel Gonzalez Castano
Dianna Gonzalez
Giovanni Gonzalez
Jordi Saul Gonzalez
Lucero Gonzalez
Gunther Gossmann Torres
Thomas Reid Griffin
Ryan Johnson Grigsby
Jared Joseph Grisham
Caroline Sloan Groce
Wendolyd Guajardo-Guerrero
Anca Ioana Guvir
Elizabeth Marion Hale
Christopher RaSean Hall
Daniel Lee Hallmark
Lucas Aaron Hammons
Hannah Nicole Harris
Kristin Diana Harris
Ryan Daniel Harris
Jonathan Spencer Harry
Kendall Nicole Hart
Victoria Elise Harvey
Jeremy Thomas Hawkins
Kimberlea Beth Haynes
Mikaela Lillie Hays
Taylor Scott Head
Davis Blankenship Henderson
Zachary Ty Henegar
Angelo Adrian Hernandez – Maldonado
Juan Alejandro Hernandez
Savanna Paige Herron
Tiffany Ann Higgins
Emilie Elizabeth Higham
Lucas Mitchell Hildebrandt
Brandon Tyler Hill
Nicholas Bradley Hillesheim
Gage Redmond Hires
Tyler Russell Hix
Christianne Nicole Hoggs
Daniel Kenneth Hogue
Sara Kathryn Hollingshead
Keeyn Reynon Holloway
Alexander Leighton Horton
Autumn Lynda Paige Horton
Sydney Anne Hotaling
Brandi Isabel Houser
Brooke Isabel Houser
Lori Noel Housholder
Leslie Debranna Hudgins
Christopher Daniel Hughes
Kendall Harpe Hutto
Catherine Elizabeth Illies
Espen Carl Indrisano
Dalton James Ingrando
Nyambura Iruku
Michael Joseph Izzo
Ahja Erieca Jackson
Bryce Edward Jackson
Justice LeAnne Jackson
Kaylee Ann Jackson
Taylor Christina Janos
Kennyssa Jean-Bart
Logan Richardson Johnson
Natalie Nicole Johnson
Jake Robert Johnston
Jonathan David Jones
Markesha Alizay Jones
Nicholas Lee Jones
Zachary Preston Jones
Joshua Miles Joyner
Ryan Michael Kaio
Jeremy Robert Kalteux
Jordan Vera Kalteux
Michal Marek Kardacz
Autumn Joy Kealy
Kristen Renee Keenan
Trevor Douglas Keene
Emily Joy Keeton
Zachary Alexander Kennedy
Kathy Sengchanh Keodouangdy
Caitlyn Marie Kervina
Kaelen Lang Kiefer
Lauren Ann King
Ryan Timothy King
Devin Lenore Kinney
Sarah MacKenzie Kisella
Daysha Rae Knowles
Rachel Paige Kraus
Jacob Jaroslaw Krysiak
Warren Brent Kuhnel
Yildiz Sarah Kurkut
Kadir Melih Kutsal
Sara June Kuykendall
Jaggar James Laird
Connor Matthew Lambert
Joshua Patrick Lambert
Shawn Kameron Lancaster
Jack Ross Lance
Charles Barnett Lane
Michael Anthony League
Scott Allen Leak
Galen Sun Lee
Kalie Christine Lee
Mason Dylan Legendre
Duncan Robert Lehman
Mackenzi Rachelle Leigh
Kaitlyn Rose Leopard
Simon Farrell Lerner
Bonnie Grace Lester
Kamari Cierra Lewis
Tyler Lynn Lewis
Kelsey Limage
Larisa Nikolayevna Lisiuk
Victoria Alexandrovna Lisiuk
Apple Liu
Rodriquez Terrique Lobbins
Rachel Corrie-Anne Loehr
Julia Carolyn Longshore
Alexander Joseph Lord
Leonardo Lorenzo-Olivero
Kyle Joseph Losee
Chase Bryant Lovinggood
Eva Olivia Lozano
Natalie Jacqueline Lucco
Elizabeth Grace Lucier
Danielle Clerissa Lutz
Justin Thomas MacDonald
Jamie Corrin Madsen
Sharon Wanjiru Maina
Julia Katherine Mandle
Rachel Sarah Mangum
Daniela del Carmen Martinez
Jesus Ivan Sanchez Martinez
Angel Alberto Martinez-Zamora
Kayce Danielle Martinko
Kaylin Sarah Martinko
Isabelle Rachelle Masters
Jensen Macauley Mathews
Kara Alexis Mathews
Bryce Joshua Matlock
James Walker Mauldin
Jonathan Darrell Maxwell
Shelby Rose Mayfield
Anthony James McCauley
Alexandria Marie McCormick
Jessica Taylor McCracken
George Michael McCulloch
Sarah Catherine McDaniel
Sean Matthew McGuinness
Evan Fields McKenzie
Samantha Carine McMullen
Joseph Anthony Scott McNeela
Rick Alexander Meighan
Serena Michelle Metropol
Casey Lee Miller
Summer Brooke Miller
Savannah Cheyenne Milligan
Joshua Thomas Minter
Leiah Nicole Moffett
Ashleigh Peyton Mooneyhan
Earl Moore
Madison Lindsay Moore
Sydney Diana Moran
Anthony Jacob Morciglio
Anna Brooke Morris
Elizabeth Lauren Morrison
Haley Louise Mummert
Nicholas Allen Murdock
Betsey Alejandra Murillo Ramirez
Jacob Steven Musser
Juan Carlos Nabor
Jacob Matthew Nagy
Natalee Simin Nankali
Michael Ty Nease
Paul Eugene Neubert
Jessica Hope Nicholson
Mario Alberto Nieto
Joshua Lee Nix
Brandon Michael Noltkamper
Jala Camille Norman
Harrison Glenn North
Madison Haile Notarthomas
Alexas Breanna Nowitzke
Bryce Andrew O’Brien
Mackenzie Danielle Oak
Jason Chukwuka Ogbomoh
Jackson Dow Ohmstead
Patrick Joseph Oliver
Brandon Joseph Olson
Ann Perri Olton
Monay Chinyere Opara-Nadi
Jaime Eduardo Ortega
Sharon Kwamboka Osuto
Jayda Mykell Owens
Xavier Matthew Owens
Madison Ashli Padgett
Robert Zachary Page
Novella Alexis Papp
John Paul Parker
Kendall Rene Parker
Andrew Steele Parson
Taylor Nicole Paschal
Yesica Patino
Chandler Reid Patterson
Spencer Colin Patton
Tanner Nathaniel Patton
Lissette Paulino
Kaitlyn Alyssa Peeples
Brian Kenneth Peet
Dalton Cole Peters
Lauren Elyse Peters
Jon-Christian Pharis
Avery Madison Pickert
Orbelin Pineda-Espino
Brynn Madison Pirkl
Julianne Michelle Plourde
Justice Payne Ponder
Matthew John Porubiansky
Mackenzie Scott Powell
Cameron Mateo William Pranger
Charlysa Mykia President
Grant Raymond Price
Mackenzie Kaitlyn Provost
Elvira Prozorac
Tatiana Santos Rabines Perez
Jordyn Nicolle Raffield
Jordan Lee Rastello
TraKirah Lashawn Reavis
Bronson Dean Rechsteiner
Carlyle Sue Rechsteiner
Madelynn Frances Reeves
Jaclyn Belle Regnery
Kenneth Brandon Reibly
Marc Thomas Reiser
Shelby Kaitlin Rensel
Kyla Erin Resnick
Jazmin Elvia Reyes-Cortes
Vincent Cean Riley
Jorge Rincon
Steven James Rodgers
Amy Lynn Rodman
Kirin Lane Rogers
Matthew Joshua Rogers
Noah Phillip Rogers
Raven Daytona Rogers
Jairus Edward Alexander Romano
Emily Maureen Root
Megan Theresa Rowell
Nicholas Scott Roy
Bethany Michelle Rusher
Lillie Jean Russell
Jack Thomas Ryan
Garret Clark Sanders
Alexis Brooke Sanford
Chris Joel Santiago
Sean Michael Sassi
Jack William Sawyer
Nicholas Daniel Schoeneck
Addison Blake Nohealani Schermerhorn
Caleb Anthony Sengchanh
Brett Michael Setchfield
Carine Patricia Seudieu Seudieu
Brian Patrick Shaughnessy
Hayley Ilene Shaw
James Peyton Shaw
Victoria Recio Shaw
Paige Alexandria Shelton
Tarin Mackensie Shelton
Graham Preston Sheriff
Elizabeth Courtney Shockey
Meredith Cameron Shockey
Dylan Austin Simpson
Ramonne Marian Sinegal
Dalton Ryan Sircy
Hayley Diana Sirmons
Anna Frances Sleeman
Sean Patrick Smart
Aaron Briant Smith
Adriana Christine Smith
Alexander Everett Smith
Alexandra Marie Smith
Jacob James Smith
Laura Ashton Smith
Quoreals D’Marjuray Smith
Richard Joseph Smith
Riley Michelle Smith
Sierra Marie Smith
Tyrique Daekwon Smith
Anna Elizabeth Smoot
Melissa Ann Snodgrass
Hannah Kay Spear
Ian Andrew James Spinks
Summer Jayne Spitnale
Kayla Marie St. John
Katie Jessica Stage
Kathryn Scott Stapleton
Austin Michael Stark
Lillian Ann Statler
Marshal William Stevenson
Kaitlyn Suzanne Stewart
Caitlyn Elizabeth Stockbridge
Darian Sage Stoeckl
Natalya Rose Stollings
Abby Marie Straub
Raymond Paul Strother
Jake Logan Stuart
Emily Rose Stuchlik
John Wesley Summers
Victoria Monika Sweet
Megan Marie Tancrede
Havan Salem Temesghen
Jasmine Vera Terriquez
Joseph Connor Michael Thom
Ceddrica Ja’Monica Thomas
Holt Gardner Thomas
Staci Kathleen Thomas
Tristin David Thompson
Brittany Nicole Tiller
Alison Charlotte Toole
Aaron Paul Torres
Ryan James Tracy
Marcus Lloyd Tucker
Julia Rose Turbyfield
Rodum Franklin Turnage
Caleb Jonathan Turner
Patrick Craig Turner
Michael Joel Uliss
Collin Morgan Valade
Dawson Michael VanGalder
Alma Daniela Vargas
Breann Marie Vaughn
Hannah Rose Vaughn
Jose Francisco Vazquez
Alicia Lauren Vega
Bryan Alexis Ventura Velasquez
Jose Calderon Villarreal
Katelynn Marie Wallace
Sha’ina Faith Wallace
Ulrica Wang
Kylee Lane Watson
Kai Ian Weaver
Madalyne Kay Weaver
Kristina Noel Welch
Marissa August Wetzler
Candace Marie White
Cameron Rae Whitener
Kathryn Grace Whitlow
Tristan Alexander Whittingham
Christopher Michael Wichers
Logan Richard Wilbanks
David Robert-Taylor Williams
Zachary Ryan Williams
Troy Dieter Wilms
Sean Jacob Wilson
Taylor Nicole Wilson
Lily Agnes Wisner
Owen Michael Witcher
Caitlyn Rose Wright
Dakota Leigh Wright
Jay William Wyant
Carly Megan Wynn
Jordan Lee Yacoub
Michaela Lauren Yarbrough
Anna Marie Yockers
Sydney Michelle Young
Robert Francis Zamorano
David Nicholas Zehner
Micaela Angel Zeps
Stefan Chase Zimmerman
Daniel Stuart Zimny

River Ridge High School

Alan Mauricio Acosta
Mackenzie Grace Adams
Andrea Carolina Adrianza-Paz
Alexander Richard Alford
Brandon Christopher Ali
Angelica Almanza
Alejandro Agustin Andrade
Ajia Renee Anthony
Jessica Nicole Anthony
Camilo Arango
Austen Louis Arnold
Abigail Aviles
Jonathan Russell Bacon
Raphael Bahindwa
Alexandra Marie Balazs
Kaila Nicole Banker
Kathryn Marina Bechtel
Jonathan Benavides
Whitnie Michelle Bennett
Zachariah Carter Benton
Adrian David Bermudez
Cody James Berrong
Lucas Dean Berryhill
Spencer John Beversdorf
Christian Charles Bingham
Tiffany Monique Blacks
Ronaldo Josue Blanco
Michael Parker Bodine
Morgan Elizabeth Bone
Sydney Lea Boozer
Pier Angeli Boulogne-Glavin
Noah Zechariah Brague
Devin Alexander Bresser
Dominque Stefon Bright
Carl Luther Brown
Sarai Ariel Brown
Matthew Charles Buchtrup
Austin Michael Burgess
Tanner Joseph Butcher
Zachary Ryan Cable
Drac Alexander Rowell Cameron
Avery Harrison Campagna
Sienna Renee Capley
Katherine Beth Carlsen
Tremain Rayshawn Carr
Joshua William Cole Carver
Alexsandro Casas
Jacob Andrew Casillas
Anthony Castro
Brittany Dawn Castro
Connor Joseph Childs
Grayson Ellis Chumley
Shacquel Dantae Clarke
Nicholas Michael Clarke-Hall
Candace Jessica Clayton
Patricia Diane Coffman
Taylor Ryan Coggins
Jack Chandler Collins
Victor Parris Collins
Paul Joseph Colombo
Robert William Colombo
Zachary Alan Cook
Haley Scout Cope
Jack William Corder
Mac’Taven Calvin Cornelius
Stephanie Gail Coyne
Amanda Elizabeth Culpepper
Rachael Dawn Cychosz
Zachary Noah Davis
Mauro Guadalupe DelaCruz
Brittny Alexa DePuy
Brooke Alexandra DeSantis
Angelique Monet Dillon
John Christopher DiLorenzo
Bailey Alexis Dingley
Vitaliy Mark Divachuk
Desiree Nichelle Dixon
Alyzzia Grace Origenes Domantay
Hannah Elizabeth Dunagan
Jordan Thomas Dye
DaShawn Raheem Edwards
Dylan Spesert Efel
Michael Alan Eggert
Meradeth Chase Elliott
Yesenia Elorza
Brandon Shay Eubanks
Colton Lee Eubanks
Lydia Marie Evans
Alexis Faith Fairchild
Tyler Barnette Fairchild
Julianna Marie Faletra
Ibilola Encarnita Fayemi
Spencer Myles Fedich
Olivia Anne Fell
Daniel Fernandez
Christopher Michael Fisher
Brent Russell Flynn
Treyvon Khalil Fortes
Nicholas Alexander Fowler
Brice Robert Fox
KerriAnne Patricia Fox
Jesus Alejandro Franco-Salas
Jennifer Rachele Gagnon
Mihrije Gara
Jacqueline Arashelly Garcia
Omar Alejandro Garcia
Sarah Beth Gerardi
Jake Tyler Gilbert
Marley Anne Gilbert
Jaiven Armoni Gill
Allyson Suzanne Goddard
Nestor Velazquez Gonzalez
Harielle Gorguette
Mackenzie Nicole Goss
Tyler James Gowan
Brian Grant
Sheeana Aspen Green
Abraham Enrique Guevara
Ryann Lee Gunther
Andrew Carl Gutermann
Gavin Hamilton
Chandler Andrew Hampton
Jared Armonyee Hampton
Alexandria Francis Hartwig
Caitlin Sue Havens
Steanna Natasia Haynes
Tanner James Hecker
Griffen Bracewell D Hedrick
William Nicholas Heeter
Jeffrey Thomas Henao
Springer Katahdin Herdt
Nancy Elizabeth Hernandez
Andres Felipe Herrera Peralta
Alex Blake Hicks
Savannah Nicole Hill
Alexis Claire Hinden
Haris Hodzic
Christopher Emmett Hofmann
Kymberly Lynnea Holasek
Brantley Davison Holland
Christopher Lee Hom
Carson Riggs Hopkins
Arlyn Elise Hott
Anthony Marquis Hounschell
Maddisen Melissa Huff
Tyra Danielle Huiel
Oscar Homero Huix
Jesse Anne Huskey
Joseph Raymond Irminger
Jaylen Charelle Jackson
Kathryn Anne Jenkins
Rebekah Kaitlyn Jobe
Nia Natasha Johnson
Robert Steven Johnson
Timothy Victor Johnson
Felix Garrett Smart Johnston
Sarah Ashley Johnston
Drake Edward Jones
Madison Paige Jones
Lucero Jaqueline Juarez
Jessica Lauren Keeney
Taylor Marie Keller
Abolfazl Khodadadi
Michaela Ann Kirkland
Sharath Francis Kizhakepuram
Hayden Emily Kolodziejcyk
Nicole Elizabeth Korch
Alex Nicholas Krnyaich
Chantal Claudette LaFlamme
Michelle Rachel Landry
Hunter Ronald Lee
Chloe Ashlyn Lenton
Cameron Michael Lewis
James Henry Lindsay
Pierce Douglas Livesay
Austen Grant Locker
Gabriel Omar López
Nicole Marie Lopez
Christopher Michael LoPiccolo
Kristian Ivan Lorenzo
Marlon Alejandro Loyola
Alexis Britt Macomber
Shawn Gordon Malone
Samantha Lee Mamon
Morgan Ashley Oasis Mann
Caroline Marie Manning
Lillian Bridges Mansell
Anthony Michael Marrone
DaMondre Tyreik Marsenburg
Alma Liliana Martinez
Alyssa Bishop Masters
Haley Suzanne Masterson
John Michael Matello
Chandler Davis Maxwell
Rebecca Ann Mayer
Kelly Murphy Mayes
Gerrit Mitchell McClellan
Jensen Lorraine McColl
Marcus Tyler McCrary
Elizabeth Anne McCulley
Bradley Alan McLean
Jessica Lynn Mirocha
Jake Brassell Mitchell
McCall Squires Mitchell
Spencer Frances Mitchell
Caroline Grace Mlaska
Raymond Robert Molina
Celeste RuDee Mondesir
Emily Gertrudis Monreal
Joshua Caleb Moody
Hannah Alexandra Moree
Morgan Sinclair Moree
Zachary Russell Morgan
Shamia Faith Morris
Kayla Elizabeth Morrison
David Liam Murray
Calvin Sebastian Mustafa
Christopher Andrew Naliwajka
Miranda Kay-Ann Neidhammer
Raven Lee Nendza
Owen Reed Neubauer
John Joseph Neubert
Brianna Nicole New
Trevor Reed Newman
Samuel Paul Newmark
Tung Thanh Nguyen
Evan Nathanyl Nichols
Leonor Patricia Nickell
Stephanie Marie Nieman
Lindsay Marie Noel
Matthew Clyde Noel
Meghan Ryan Norry
Lindsay Michelle Ober
Sophie Elizabeth O’Hare
Jesus Olaiz
Saxon Noelle Olson
Stephen O.I. Omorogbe
James Austin Orgeron
Esgar Ortiz-Mondragon
Ian David Ownby
Hsuan Han Pan
Dylan Jeffrey Pape
Zachary James Papoutsis
Adrian Jesus Parada
Lauren Jessica Parker
William Sloan Parker
Nathan Gene Patchett
Miren Rakesh Patel
Nir Patel
Chandler David Patton
Nathalie Paulino
Neil Ause Pauquette
Edwin Efrain Pedroza
Chris Edward Peralta
Kylie Michelle Perdue
Molly Ragan Perkins
Brian Philip Perkowski
Emily Grace Pesch
Katherine Rose Pettit-McFerrin
Robert Cole Phillips
Tyler Joseph Phillips
Isabella Tascon Pinzon
Davis Anthony Polley
Alexis M’Chele Poole
Kathryn Elizabeth Popp
Camden Grace Pruitt
Brian Camilo Quintana Guzman
Cherokee Victoria Rabjohn
Joshua Kenyard Rainer
Alexander Scott Rautio
Olivia Brooke Reeves
Steven Reyes
Katelyn Elaine Rae Rice
Alyssa Marie Richmond
Anna Kathryn Ricker
Ryan Arthur Rikel
Allison Rose Robbins
Victoria Sierra Rocks
David Rodriguez
Fabian Miguel Rodriguez
Christopher Wade Roeder
Benjamin Andrew Roewe
Hannah Grace Rosenfeld
Dominique Angelle Roth
Jisel Alejandra Ruiz
Jeremy Alan Rusch
Tanner Lee Rymer
Andrew Allen Sailor
Alan Sandoval-Milan
Elizabeth Faye Savage
Michael Sebastian Sawyer
Dylan Scott Schoknecht
Molli Anne Scissel
Ella Jennifer Settle
Kennedy Marie Sheltz
Cody Davis Simmons
Jenna Alene Simpson
Amelia McKenzie Smith
Graham Harold Smith
Maddison Bryce Smith
Mason Charles Smith
Payton Spencer Smith
Russell Montgomery Smith
Sarah Madison Smith
Brooke Rilee Snodgrass
Jordan Douglas Sollie
Elias Irvin Sommer
Kelsea Elaine Southwick
Marcus Anthony Spears
Amber Nicole Springer
Audiya Ayanna Stanley
Olivia Paige Stasevich
Andrew Joseph Stegenga
Russell Micheal Steinbrecher
Micah Earl Stone
Alexis Jamie Stroud
Kendall Nicole Sullivan
Allyson Blair Surovchak
Melanie Lee Sutter
Dale Antonio Sutton
Kaila Macenzie Swindel
Megan Reese Talley
Gabrielle Mia Tamburro
Amy Dale Tant
Lindsey Marie Tarallo
Gabriel Jefferson Tate
Rami Tawfik
Ethan Lauren Taylor
Wesley Curtis Terry
Kristan Nichole Tetley
Patrick Tjandra
Tabitha Lauren Todle
Armando Cuellar Torrejon
Laura Vanessa Triana
Veronica Ashley Tuck
Morgan Elizabeth Tyler
Alana Ryan Ubelhor
Ivie Nancy Uwaifo
Jorge Antonio Valdez-Diaz
Benjamin James Van Hout
Daniel Alexis Vargas
Samantha Anna Varriale
Brenda Elizabeth Vasquez
Nathanael Velazquez
Andressa Matrak Venceslau
Kennedy Grace Victor
Rigoberto Villeda
Wade Alan Visser
Erin Chiemsee Walden
Brandon Antonio Wallace
Matthew Shuoyang Wang
Katrina Theresa Rook Watts
Olivia Lauren Webb
Amanda Lynn Weeks
Kathryn Mae Weiden
December Brianna Weir
Christian Montgomery Whelan
Sean Barrios Whelan
Majalina Le Whitney Baker
Mayanita Le Whitney Baker
Emily Noel Wilcox
Sydney Ann Williams
Ucal Burtland Williams
Courtney Nicole Wimpey
Seng Chen Wong
John Paul Wooten
James Matthew Wright
Mary Elizabeth Catherine Yoakum
Ahmed Hatem Younes
Ericka Crawford Youngberg
Sierra Elizabeth Zelaya
Kathryn Lynn Zell

Sequoyah High School

Bradley Allen Adcock
Elinor Katherine Agler
Daniel Olatunde Ajose
Ashley Nicole Alderman
Ja’liyah Takaya Allen
Mandelyn McCall Allen
Micah Anne Allen
Helen Juarez Alonso
Isabella Amaya-Grote
Sophia Rosemarie Andujar
Kaitlynn Summer Anneheim
Brian Ernesto Arellano
Brian Ariel Argueta
Rafael Arreola
Jasmine Briana Austin
Peyton Matthew Ayers
Joseph Brigham Bailey
Payton Elyse Bailey
Kaitlin Nicole Ball
Joshua Phillip Barber
Amanda Elizabeth Barber
Sarah Victoria Barnes
Cassandra Lauren Barone
Thomas Jake Baumann
Christopher Bender
Alexandra Grace Bends
Caroline Frances Bennett
Tyler Charles Bennett
Kylee Kaye Berggren
Brianna Danielle Betor
Levi Shane Biddy
Brandon Michael Biro
Steven Andrew Daniel Bland
Nicholas Paul Bonza
Brandon Autry Bouthilette
John Russell Bridges
Latrelle Ali Bridges
Ryder Michale Briggs
Augustine Skye Brown
Devin Ryan Brown
Ethan Edward Bruce
Colin Emory Bryan
Sarah Elizabeth Burris
Courtney May Butler
Dylan Curtis Calder
Connor James Caldwell
Kayla Noel Campbell
Christian Reid Carpenter
Jacob Reid Carr
Barbara Nicole Carter
Grant Wilson Carter
Destiny Ann Carver
Parker Holbrook Cazier
Chloe Marie Chambers
Michael Thomas Chamness
Zachary Taylor Chastain
Nicholas Andrew Cheney
William Armand Chimenti
Karen Elizabeth Claypole
Katie Marie Clayton
Brooke Emily Cole
Lisbeth Mary Coleman
Andrew Allen Coleman
Madison Whitney Cook
Jaklin Tate Cook
James T. Anthony Cooper
Alexa Jade Corneillie
Alessandro Fernandes Correia
Benjamin Wesley Cottrell
Sarah Catherine Lindsay Cottrill
Cameron Austin Cox
Matthew Porter Cox
Kimiya Elaine-Marie Crayton
Noah Mikael Dangar
Alexa Courtney-Juanita Daniels
Russell Benjamin David
Ashlyn Page Davis
Claudia Camille Davis
Katherine Carr Day
Madison Taylor DeHoff
Natalie Lee del Valle
Cameron Keith Denton
Madison Taylor Dietz-Walworth
Katerina Rafaela Dikefalos
Morgan Elizabeth Dodd
Taylor Dodd
Vincent Michael Dodenhoff
Sarah J. Donehoo
Luiz Alexandre Dos Santos
Marissa Elizabeth Dossey
Noah Harris Dover
William Trent Driver
Nicholas Paul Duclos
Carly Iris Duncan
Justin Roosevelt Duval
Brody Luke Earnest
Mary Grace Ecle
Willard Hugh Edwards
Emily Caitlin Ellis
Madison Noel Ervin
Erik Ivan Espin
Madison Louise Evans
Garrett Thomas Evans
Ashlynne Kay Fagan
Alexander Russell Fancher
Anna Elizabeth Farist
Joel Jean Fede
Thomas Michael Fink
Rheanna Michelle Fisher
Dakota Lee Fitzpatrick
Ethan Ashley Fletcher
Emmnuel De Jesus Flores
Andrew Bradley Ford
Jessica Rae Forrester
Caitlin Brook Franchini
Brenda Cruz Franco
Hunter Reid Gaddis
Megan Danielle Garcia
Dylan Anthony Garcia
Elena Roselise Gardner
Michaela Nicole Garland
Katelyn Elizabeth Gearhart
Donovan Joseph Giardina
Taylor Nicole Gilbertson
Sean Patrick Gilbride
Amber Lynn Gilliam
Stephanie Danielle Girle
Austin Grant Glassic
Joshua Santiago Golding
Summer Dreame Goodgion
Martin Luckye Goodgion
Courtney Alyse Gordon
Gregory Tyler Grande
Denisha Renee Grasetti
Vanya Lilin Greene
Victoria Leigh Gregg
India N. Grier-Harris
Ashton Reid Griffith
Antonio Jean Luc Grullon
Hannah Mary Guibault
Rosemary Louise Guilford
Laura Elizabeth Guy
Marian Mackenzie Hafer
Sarah Lilly Hakim
Myranda Grace Hardwick
Justin Thomas Hardy
Christopher William Harkins
Michael Robert Harrington
Jeffrey Dylan Harris
Kelley Joanne Hartman
Lauren Patricia Hartman
Katherine Elizabeth Haruch
Joel Ahmaad Hassanali
Ashton Keller Hearn
Ashley Morgan Hendel
Yeseul Heo
Hayes Henson Herd
Isaiahs Hernandez
Jessica Renee Hill
Gerald Lewis Hoffman
Thomas Orion Holguin
David Malachi Hooper
Grayson Robert Hooper
Miranda Blanche Hosea
Maddison Leigh Houwing
Kathryn Leigh Huggins
Zaria Noel Hunter
Eliana Talise Hyatt
Leslie Monserat Jacinto-Diaz
Erik Nicholas Jacoby
Elizabeth Nicole Johnson
Aleah Marie Johnson
Kali Hunter Jones
Tony Curtis Jones
Mackenzie Rose Joy
Laney Michele Joyner
Emily Elizabeth Justice
Chase Edward Kacsor
Allison Catherine Keener
Hannah Grace Keller
Stephen Bradley Keller
Catharine Irene Kellogg
Braeden Christopher Kelly
Thomas Foster Kennedy
Josie MaKenna Key
Caitlin Rose Kimball
Breanna Katelin King
Haleigh Nicole King
Dakota Christian Knoll
Cheyenne Sierra Knoll
Joshua Ryan Koonts
Bradford Allan Kosloski
Caroline Freeman Kraczon
Hannah Elaine Kuter
Brooke Ellen LaBranche
Brittany Paige Ladd
Elizabeth Noel LaSelva
Hayden Alissa Lathren
Connor Stephen Lawson
Carter James Lawson
Logan William LeCroy
Alexandra Renee Lee
Sierra Ann Leines
Luis Sergio Leyva-Cabrera
Zachary Liebowitz
Leah Christine Lindsay
Corey Richard Linz
Brianna Marie Lodato
Gabrielle Christine Lodato
David Christian Long
Anelly Lopez-Diaz
Alexis Elizabeth Lovin
Preston Campbell Lowry
Jacqueline Elizabeth Macfadden
Emilio Isaac Magana
Jonathan Azeez Majeed
Megan Catherine Manigbas
Elissa Marie Martin
Kennya Martinez-Gomez
Caitlin Elizabeth Mason
William Robert Mason
Taylor Margaret Mastrostefano
Kristen Victoria Matchett
Cameron Thatcher McCauley
Conlon Jakob McCormack
Jeremy Shane McGough-Ivey
Sydney Marie McHugh
Ian Paul McLaughlin
Jacob Ty McLaughlin
Juan Sebastian Mejia
Eileen Alice Miles
Caitlin Lynette Miles
Austin Anthony Miller
Janet Elizabeth Miller
Nicole Dawn Miller
Matthew Thomas Minardi
Harell Mitchell
Peyton Brassell Mitchell
Julie Lane Mitchell
Emmett Chase Mock
R’Shawn Neville Moe
Georgiana Leigh Montalvo
Angelgrace Gloria Moore
Katrina Elizabeth Morgan
Payton Clinton Morgan
Chandler Harris Morgan
Katelyn Renee’ Morgan
Stevie Marie Morris
Chandler Kate Morris
Austin James Morrison
Alicia Nicole Morrison
Taylor Lynn Mullen
Sydney Alexandra Mullinax
John Andrew Murray
Grace Elizabeth Nation
MaKayla Gwendolyn Newell
Joshua Matthew Nieves
Kylie Ann Nowokunski
Amara Karen Obele
Gannon James O’Donnell
Nicholas Christopher Olson
Andrew Mario Orosz
Stephen George Orosz
Kaylah-Ann McKenzie O’Shields
Brittani Nicole Osuna
Nicolas James Papasidero
Christine Kelly Parker
Jasmine Danielle Parker
Kathryn Hazel Pearson
Bogdan Sergecvich Pechonkin
Coleman Vann Pecht
Sierra Rose Pelkey
Amy Patricia Pelzek
Anadelia Perez
Mitchell Edward Peters
Elizabeth Suzanne Peters
Jonathan Tyler Pettinati
Casey Lyl Petty
Kristen Ruth Ell Phillips
Laurencia Diaffa Pierre
Bricelda Azareth Pinon
Taylor Morgan Pittman
Katie Marie Poe
Rebecca Louise Pope
Nathaniel Thomas Porter
Avery Hugh Powell
Alexa Breana Powell
Benjamin Andrew Quarles
Humberto Quiroz
Derrion Terrell Rakestraw
Juan Garcia Ramirez
Yesenia Ramirez-Calderon
Katie Elizabeth Raper
Ashley Elizabeth Reddick
Melissa Cathleen Reddick
Forrest Parker Reed
Payton Aaron Reese
Monica Anh Regan
Austin Roger Reidenbach
Kyle Langford Renner
Ivey Elizabeth Reynolds
Jenna Mary Rich
Amber Katherine Richards
Trevor Gordon Riehl
Ethan Zager Riggle
Maria lizbeth Rivera
Wendy Rachel Roberts
Emily Alexandrea Robertson
Victor Noel Newman Robinson
Jason Thomas Rogers
Sophia Gilberte Roy
Emilee Marie Saigh
William Garrett Sanders
Matthew Alexander Sanders
Emma Nicole Sarrell
Emily Jean Scales
Evan Christian Schamberger
Genevieve Alexis Schiro
Joshua Caleb Schroder
Brooke Ashlyn Seabolt
Andrew James Search
Daniel Henry Seres
Jackson Elijah Severino
Natalie Nicole Shaw
Jasmin Denise Shaw
Jonathan Edward Shearer
Randy Travis Shelton
Caitlyn Anne Shirley
Jonathan Matthew Shurett
Levi Michael Sierra
Stephen Gary Slade
James Bogdan Smetanin
Alyssa Maria Smith
Megan Rose Smith
Victoria Paige Smith
Hunter Kole Smith
Audrey Taylor Sparks
Bobbie Rena St. John
Kyle Mankin Stanfield
Ashley Lynn Starnes
Miranda Jayne Stodola
Madison Lynette Stout
Justin Slade Straughan
Hannah Nicole Stringer
Emily Diana Stump
Jake Ryan Sunday
Caroline Fatima Syed
Madison Leigh Teter
Travis Michael Theiss
Jake Dylan Thomason
Jonathan Richard Thompson
Mitchell Ryan Thompson
Emani Dieghanne Threat
Maria Jose Titcomb
Austin Christopher Tracy
Taryn Kasey Tragesser
Daniel Christopher Trejo
Ulises Trejo-Torres
Mason Ramsey Trimbach
Alyssa Lynn Turner
David Nathaniel Turrubiartes
Michael Tucker Ussery
Greyson Walker Van Dyke
Lesley Velez
Ashley Samantha Vidal-Leyva
Michael Evan Vogel
Trevor Michael Vogel
Benjamin Robert Wallick
Kenneth Paul Walter
Erin Danielle Wehunt
Elias Berrien Lee Wheeler
Keyarra Denise White
Andrew Bryan Whitfield
Patrick James Whitfield
Eva Marie Whitley
Morgan Taylor Williams
Dexter Ryan Wilson
Jesse Frank Wilson
Levi Benjamin Wilson
Victoria Grace Wilson
Zachary Alexander Wilson
Demi Anett Wilson
Jordan Floyd Witter
Jonathan David-lee Wooldridge
Sara Grace Young
Matthew Nicholas Zakreski
Austin Lewis Zeitler
Emily Renee Zimmerman

Woodstock High School

Alice Irene Abigail
Alyssa Nicole Alfano
Alex Martin Alfers
John Joseph Allen
Kendall Ansley Alsup
Hennessy Sharee Alvarez
Kennedy Nicole Anderson
Zane James Stephen Anderson
Kayla Nicole Ard
Daniel Felipe Arenas
Aaron Chadwick Arp
Toriano Demond Arrington Jr.
Caitlin Lauren Atkins
Clarence Tavis Atsma
Stella Mae Atsma
Alyson Joyce Audler
Kailey Hamil Austin
Ayesha Nabi Babar
Matthew Daniel Bailey
James David Baker
Emily Anne Barber
James Austin Barone
Lizbeth Alejandra Barreto-Gonzalez
Valerie Suzanne Bartlett
John Anton Baumgartner
Jackson Caleb Beasley
Elizabeth Nicole Beatty
Alissa Jeannette Beckett
Michael Armando Bejarano
Jeffrey Patrick Bell
Richard Beltran Jr.
Vanesa Beltran-Resendiz
Bryce Louis Bergman
Haley Marie Berry
Esteban Bianchi
Robert Michael Birke
Kelly Marie Black
Madison Dawn Black
Connor Chase Blackwell
Nelson Stephen Blais
Madison Leigh Block
Blake David Boatwright
Michael Bonatucci
Alex Xavier Bonilla
Connor Philip Booz
Anissa Natalia Borrero
Michaela Christine Bourassa
Matthew James Bowers
Sean-Michael Steven Bragg
Robert Benedict Brainerd
Nicholas Brazis
Kinsey Alexis Brook
Autumn Nicole Broughton
Donuel Malik Brown
Jordan Michel Brown II
Jordan Montez Brown
Kyle Patrick Brown
Megan Alexis Brown
Morgan Marie Brown
Travon Tracy Bumpers
Christian Arvel Burell
Alexander Tod Burgess
Joseph Gordon Burnett III
Amanda Blair Burnette
Kevin Anthony Burns
Marina Buromskikh
Rebecca Ann Calhoun
Noah Adam Callahan
Alexandra Louise Camerlengo
Gus Michael Campbell
Mattie Weldon Cantrall
Joshua Todd Cantrell
Joana Cantu
Amy Cardenas
Jenna Angela Carr
Davion Ashante Carrell-Taylor
Benjamin Henry Carroll
Ashley Casado
Kelly Lauren Case
Lauren Elaine Case
Ryan Nathaniel Cash
Israel Castillo
Stephanie Castillo
Thalia Pamela Castillo
Osama Jamil Chadda
Roland Jerome Chambers
Corey Michael Champion
Jillian Patricia Chiesa
Zhiyin Chong
Vila Chu
Ashley Elizabeth Clark
Erica Renee’ Cofer
Zoe Victoria Cole
Kyle David Confer
Ashton Holmes Connett
Megan Rose Cooney
Shawn Thomas Corman
Annemarie Branham Cornett
Roxanne Cournoyer
James Austin Cox
David Samuel Crate
Sarah Madeline Crockett
Stefania Monserrath Cruz
Brock Edward Cullman
Lamar De’Sean Curry
Madison Michael Dalton
Casey William Darko
Corbin Davenport
Lindsy Morgan Davis
Marissa London Davis
Rachel Olivia Davis
Taylor Dorsey Davis
Stephanie De La Cruz
Jorge Samuel De La Vega
Zoe Lee DeGraw
Kenyon Michael DelValle
Lana Reese Dennis
Eric DeOliveira
Shannon Elise Dhanani
Emma Leigh Dixon
Brendan Alexander Dogotch
Charles Samuel Donahou
Michael Collin Doppel-Slater
Jamarius Rashawn Dozier
Rachael Nicole Duprel
Sara Duque
Jordan Kayla Dye
Trejza LaChae Easton
Peyton Troy Ellington
Justo Jose Elortondo
Christin Danielle Endler
Ansley Christina Ensign
Taylor Gabrielle Epstein
Elijah Jacque Ervin
Gabriel Jordan Ervin
Kevin Lionel Escoda
Zelma Angelique Estrada
Joshua Richard Evans
Sean Jay Evans
Kaniya Jade Ewing
Nicole Marie Falco
Anna Fargas
John Patrick Favre
Landon Cale Fawcett
Dylan Scott Figdore
Kendle Haven Flint
Maria Stasy Flores-Zavala
Kathleen Grace Floyd
Marcus Jordan Foo
Natalie Nicole Foster
Osvaldo Franco
Jordan Elijah Franklin
Jessica Michelle Frasor
Darina Frolova
Savannah Lynn Fuchs
Toni Nicole Fulton
Jordan Nicole Gaines
Carlos Garcia
Emilio Andres Garcia
William Christopher Garrett
Nathan Allen Gerl
Rasheed Mathis Gibson
Emory Katherine Gilbert
Hannah Elisabeth Gilliam
Christopher Michael Gilmartin
Devin Michael Gilmartin
Ivan Gonzalez
Vania Valeria Gonzalez
Daniela Gonzalez-Espinoza
Claudia Goodwin
Edgar Ismael Granados
Emily Rose Gravely
Heather Elizabeth Gray
Chance Brodee Green
Cameron Alan Greenall
Sierra Morgan Griffin
Peter Raymond Gudbrandsen
Maaz Saeed Gul
Brittany Joan Gunter
Michael Eugene Gustafson
Hannah Elizabeth Hacker
Victoria Lynnette Halbrook
Amanda Christine Hale
Hailey Marie Hall
Christian Ryan Halliday
Lauren Brooke Hamby
Jason Avery Hand
Matthew Joseph Hannan
Sydney Christen Hannigan
Tatchai Hariraksatakoon
Alyssa Michelle Harris
Mitchell Collin Harrison
Olivia Jane Harrison
AnnaLeigh Hayes
Ashlyn Nicole Heeger
Cassandra Quinn Heidt
Justin Paul Heimerl
Courtney Joy Helmig
Summer Koren Herfurth
Blake Alexander Heyer
Brennan Duke Heyer
Hunter Leigh Hillhouse
Trevor Daniell Hillhouse
Cooper Ryan Hines
Ashley Marie Hislop
Brandon Scott Hitchcock
Marissa Ann Hohl
Ahjiana Cileste Hood
Stephen Lee Hoofnagle
Jake Thomas Hooper
Isabel Joanna Luz Horta
Julia Taylor Hosea
Kristina Laine Howard
Mahmudul Hasan Howlader
John Andrew Howland
Olivia Taylor Hughes
Blake Lee Hunt
Adrianne Marie Hurst
Dylan Austin Hutcheson
Zachary Steven Hutton
Mitchell Cullen Hynes
Alexandra Nicole Ianitello
Candace Elizabeth Ingram
Davis Fletcher Jackson
Keja Deshon Jackson
Ricardo Daniel Jaime
Lauren Olivia Jensen
Ryan Hunter Jensen
Chandler Wynne Johnson
Chelsi Latrice Johnson
Rachel Sierra Johnson
Sean Michael Johnson
Tristan Elijah Johnson
Kendell Fredrick Jones
Kira Celeste Jones
Maci Rae Jones
Tucker Gray Jones
Melvin Lionel Juarez-Zayas
Najee Shayaa Judge
Julianne Elisabeth Karnes
Jackson Anthony Keappler
Mark Coleman Keenum
Taylor Thomas Kellner
Conor Sebastian Kelly
Kyle James Kelso
Jordan Marie Kendall
Reanna Marie Kennedy
Joshua Blake Kennington
Kenady Eve Kilgore
Katherine Elizabeth Kincaid
Nicole Lee Kirby
Tristan Michael Klinner
Joseph Lee Klouda
Stephen Paul Knight
Savannah Jane Krapf
Samuel Jacob Kroll
Itzel Daney Lagunas
Lexi Wade Lahmann
Riley Harrison Landry
Charlotte Laudun
Jonathan Gray Lauer
Kelly Rose Law
Rashan Ali Lawhorne Jr.
Angelica Renee Lawson
Ben Duy Le
Emma Grace Lehto
Rachael Madison LeVaughn
Ryan Tom Levine
Sean Allen Lewis
George Lucas Licea
William Ridge Liggin
Cordell Kenneth Lofgren
Hannah Dian Lopez
Manuel Lopez
Marcela Sisleth Lopez
Abigail Taylor Louzader
Antonio Luna
Tyler Ashley Maczko
Marinne Heavenlee Maddicks-Parks
Daniel Owen Maloney
Jessica Madison Mann
Gabrielle Hope Manzella
Devon Christopher Martin
Makeda Tyjer Martin
Faith Zhane Martinez
Jordan Ruth Mason
Preston James Mason
Christopher Knight Mathis
Neisa Elian Mattos
Morgan Elizabeth Mauldin
Taylor Elizabeth May
Elias Geovannie McCall
Ryan Michael McCall
Joshua Behrens McCarthy
Eric Joseph McCulloch
Celeste Latia McDonald
Matthew Kenneth McDuff
Celine Taylor McDuffie
Christian Daniel McElroy
Christopher Gage McMichen
Jerrail Dominique McMickens
Griffin Richard McNamara
Ulyses Melena
Bailey Andrew Melton
Chase Alexander Meusel
Claudia Miklosik
Mosia Francisco Miles
Patrick Jacob Milkey
Elias Abisai Millan
Taylor Maureen Minor
Maria Alejandra Miranda
Chandler Ryan Mitchell
Katherine Alice Mitchell
Alyssa Marie Moffitt
Vienna Marie Monte
Kennedy Brielle Montgomery
Summer Marie Montgomery
Megan Julia Moore
Stephanie Taylor Moore
Catherine Ann Moreau
Karina Moreno-Munoz
Paige Delice Morrison
Ethan Robert Morriss
Brandon James Morris-Thomas
Joslyn Munoz
Bree’ara Jai Murphy
Dillon Patrick Murtha
Logan Breanne Nash
Conner Lee Nason
Benjamin Elijah Neal
Danielle Leigh Neese
Alesea Arielle Nelson
Sarah Jane Norris
Antonette Francesca O’Gorman
Brendan Liam O’Gorman
Keegan Rylea O’Hara
Francesca Ann Oliverio
Megan Christine O’Meara
Jessica Sumadi Osborn
Russell Edward Palmer
Michael Konstantine Papadimitriou
Jesus Paramo
Jace Ostyn Parker
Taylor Nicole Parks
Christopher Samuel Parman
Kyle Martin Parris
Riley Whitaker Parscale
Levi Jerry Pauline
Kyle Douglas Pawlowski
Jared Thomas Payne
Nathan Samuel Peace
Taylor Nicole Pearson
Jessica Marie Pendergrass
Mia Rose Penton
Evan Victor Perez
Matthew James Perrault
Kayla Louise Peters
Meghan Denisse Pierce
Othniel Gideon Pierre
Zachary Bryan Pinson
Matthew John Poirier
Dylan Riley Polk
Taylor Morgan Poole
Kennede Ravene Potts-Heard
Kyra Jade Prashaw
Samantha Nicole Pratt
Matthew Alexander Raftis
Austin John Raridon
Nicholas Sebastiano Rayoni
Carlee Rene’ Redko
Madison Taylor Reeg
Rachel Noel Reeves
Sarah Marquez Rehman
Aaron Daniel Reid
Kathryn Leigh Reid
Hunter G Reyes
Sydney Hunter Reynolds
Rachel Elizabeth Rhodes
Ansley Maria Rich
Molly Jayne Richards
Adrian Alejandro Richter
Jonathan Christopher Riner
Madelyn Grace Roberts
Noah Austin Robinson
Mandi Kathryn Rocker
Justin Gregory Rose
Diamond Kentrayonna Rosemond
Danielle Marie Rubin
Lissette Rueda
Henry Thomas Ruff
Jacqueline Jasmine Ruiz
Paula Margarita Ruiz
Xavier DeJesus Ruiz
Ethan Arthur Rupp
Tariq Cecil Saddler
Sarah Elizabeth Saenger
Stivens Axeil Salazar
Nicholas Daniel Salvino
Eugene Ricshard Sanders
Alma Delia Sarabia Carrera
Benjamin Samuel Shaffer
Kalee Jean Scharrer
Ethan Wesly Schenck
Anna Louisa Schiwy
Isabella Christianne Schiwy
Megan Marie Schuster
Zachary Tyler Schwab
Anthony Steven Scott
Tyler Marley Seladi
Makenzie Alice Senger
Emma Jane Shaw
Alexandra Jeanette Shugart
Brett Edward Sidney
Marla Theresa Silva
Jordan Elizabeth Simonds
Marcelus Aubrey Sinclair
Kayla Rain Sisson
Mackenzie Payton Skeens
Brandon Scott Slatton
Railey Breann Smelley
Danielle Christina Smith
Daralynne Rose Smith
Daria Rose Smith
James Dominic Smith
Noah Walton Smith
Charles James Sorensen
Sarah Alexis Spegal
Brianna Celestine Sprague
Kyle Wallace Stark
Nancy Elizabeth Starnes
Andrew Kenneth Staugas
Alexander David Stockdale
Ciara LaShae’ Stowe
Clayton Austin Stubblefield
Andres Suarez
Ashton Taylor Sutton
Brennan Kaylie Sutton
Chandler Marie Sutton
Tiunate Dashun Tanner Jr.
Sadie Laura Thibodeau
Michaela Jane Thomas
Marilyn Grace Timm
Kyle Glen Timme
Benjamin Paul Tompkins
Dana Agustina Torralba
Eric Matthew Torres
Samantha Hope Torres
Sydney Josephine Torres
Jane Helen Townsend
Tamara Cherisse Townsend
Bryson Phillip Trapp
Dylan Joseph-Anthon Triola
Pabel Troche II
Nghia Trong Truong
Sergio Andres Tuberquia-Acosta
Julia Anne Tully
Cody Harrison Urode
Tamara Alexa Valentin
Ashley Nicole Van De Ryt
Ryan Robert Van Dyke
Isaac Austin VanBuren
Adam Reginald Varin
Aurora Nacely Vazquez-Lara
Brandy Teresa Velasquez
Stephanie Velez
Blake Alexander Ventura
Cody Lloyd Vernimo
Benjamin Aaron Vickrey
Arden LeAnne Vidal
Ethan McKenzie Vines
Eric Vizcaya-Eternod
Beau Austin Vlach
Anthony David Vosilla
Christina Sunday Wales
Zachary Richard Wallace
Julia Elizabeth Watkins
Gregory Daniel Weber
Cale Edward Webster
Cassidy Annette Welch
Devon Michael West
Natalie Ashton White
Kennedy Casey Whiting
Emily Grace Whittaker
Matthew David Wiggin
Mary Leigh Williams
Christopher Caine Wilson
Travis Colby Wilson
Grant Douglas Witten
Victoria Fayth Womack
Sophia Carroll Worley
Robert Harold Wright
Kellie Elise Wydrinski
Jania Stefani Yates
Jacob Henry Yoder
Elijah Yurkevitch
Andres Francisco Zambrano
Thomas Evan Zaner
Jairo Zavala-Soria
Rene Zetin
Alexander Daniel Ziemecki