Change to School Meals Pre-Payment System

Change to School Meals Pre-Payment System

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The Cherokee County School District has changed its school meal pre-payment account system for the 2017-18 school year.

Existing funds in students’ My Payments Plus accounts from last school year have been transferred over to the new K12 Payment Center; students will be able to use these funds when school begins August 1.

Parents must set up an account at to add funds. You will need your child’s student ID (the 5- or 6-digit ID your child uses to buy meals); if you don’t have this ID, the front office of your child’s school can provide it to you.

Parents can use the My Payments Plus mobile app or website as they have in the past to see the balance that was transferred; once your child makes a purchase in the cafeteria, any transferred balance will appear in the new account.

After you set up a new account, you can add money by making secure online payments using a credit or debit card (the new system charges the same 4.75% convenience fee as last school year) or by sending cash or checks to the school at no additional charge. You can deposit money online into multiple student accounts with one payment. Students also can continue to pay with cash at the cash register.

The new system continues popular features such as the ability to check your balance, track your child’s purchases and receive low-balance alerts by email and text.

Parents also are reminded that CCSD participates in the Federal free and reduced-price lunch program, and applications are accepted year-round:

Questions? Please call CCSD School Nutrition at 770-721-8419.

CCSD Cafeterias Add New Menu Items

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Ravioli is among the new menu offerings in CCSD cafeterias.

Cherokee County School District cafeterias are featuring some new menu items this month, giving students and staff more variety and tastier fare for their trays. Middle and high school cafeterias have added Asian chicken bowls, popcorn chicken bowls, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and “breakfast for lunch.”  Cafeterias will also have “game day” menus on Fridays, with items like chicken finger baskets, bacon cheeseburgers, and chili dogs.  Fruit smoothies also have been added, in various fruit and ice flavor combinations. 


Fourth grader Anahi Martinez-Lora tries a pluot (aka a “dinosaur egg”) at Arnold Mill Elementary.

Elementary cafeterias have added oven fried chicken, Chicken Alfredo and ravioli to the menus. Elementary schools also added a new fruit to the menus during September, with the addition of pluots—a combination of a plum and an apricot.  The round, purplish pink fruits have been promoted as “dinosaur eggs” and were well received by the K-5 lunch crowd.   

Breakfast and lunch menus for all schools can be viewed online at 


 Cover photo:  School Nutrition Supervisor Tina Farmer; the new Asian chicken bowl entrée; and Arnold Mill fourth-grader Trenton Elario tries a pluot.  A friend asked Trenton if he was eating an apple.  Trenton said, “It’s not an apple, but whatever it is, it’s good!”